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  1. Go to forums, search on DuPont. Pictures of this book are there. Wish to sell the book @$500.00
  2. Interested in Ford and Mopar but would take all, please advise. Charlie Berry legrandfromage@comcast.net
  3. Correct. The book is intended for refinishers who might be changing colors or even duplicating colors on a customer car. It is not directed towards specific makes as later DuPont annual offerings were. Thanks for helping pinpoint the time period.
  4. These have hand written # on box 11-519417. Stamped on lights 11527911. I've not found an application for them and have no Canadian Parts Books.
  5. Here is a very fine DuPont DUCO catalog of paint color samples for refinishers. Undated, thought to be late 20's - early 30's. Individual colors represented by felt-backed samples approx. 8" x 3". There are 50 samples with names like: Alpine Green Dark; Peter Pan Blue; Merrimac Beige; Labrador Smoke; Courier Cream; Bandarillo Red; Swamp Holly Orange; Mountain Ash Scarlet. Everything is in great shape. Looking for best offer over $500.00 .
  6. Lee: If you are in Ft Myers, Mike Gerner has the Mother lode of 42's. He's on Pine Island try "Mike Gerner" <mgerner01@comcast.net or look up his phone #. Charlie
  7. Parklane far more desireable Charlie
  8. Any books or manuals that could be seperated from the lot and sold? Thanks Charlie legrandfromage@comcast.net