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  1. 1941 Lincoln Zephyr 6volt,V12 with good spark.New Coil,Belt,Battery,Condensers.Car has a beautifully totally redone interior in the last three years. Four Door(suicide doors),White wall tires,New brake just put on(3 new cylinders and lines).Heat blower works. Look like a newer gas tank. Starts right up..Runs and Looks Great...Minor needs:Handles put on passenger door(I do have them),Missing right fender glass part of the turn signal, Muffler,Radio face plate,two minor rust spots where fender meets body. I have owned the car for over 1 year and have enjoyed getting it running right (thanks to a fellow Lincoln owner-Jeff and getting all the head turns when driving. I have also enjoyed this forum.Thanks for all the help,but the old lady says time to sell..Runs and Looks Great!! Please feel free to ask any questions or for different pics!Located in Toledo,Oh.Call Will at 419-266-3080 $12,000..On ebay right now item#250305900148
  2. I am selling my 41 Lincoln Zephyr,V12 4 Door with Redone Interior,New Coil,Battery,Belt.Thanks to Zeff40 the car runs and look good,Needs some brake work and some pasenger door adjustment.Call Will @419-266-3080 Today.Located in Toledo,OH.$12,500 Pictures of car Click For Sale Tab
  3. Now it on to finding a few body parts
  4. Zeffer1940 has Saved me..He came over to help and had it running in about 15 minutes. Turns out brushes were missing on the ignition coil and it also needed a distributor..He even showed me how to change the oil..The car runs great thanks to him..Thanks Jeff and thanks for everybody that helped all these months.
  5. For an update go to the first page under newbie still workin which I am..Thanks for the continued help..Happy gobble gobble day
  6. Well here is a update..Cleaned the braided ground wire and that looks good..Shorted the solenoid to see about the starter button but still cranked the same which seem better i guess..Replaced the fuel filter after that cause the other one wouldn't stay full..This filter stays full so I assume I x out the fuel pump as a possible problem..So I am foiled again..I am so glad I heard it and rode in it a few times or I would never believe this thing will ever turn over.. Thanks for all the continued help..
  7. Will try the ground wire and a new button hopefully by this weekend thnks for the help.
  8. Also replaced fuel filter still wont consitantly run!
  9. Solenoid is clean and tight looks as though it has been replaced fairly recently
  10. Got the starter tested and no problems. Also replaced battery cables with 1 gauge. I'm thinking about just changing it over to a 12v system cause I just can't figure it out. It has idled for over fifteen minutes straight and driven twice. Is changing it over hard or should I keep trying?? Thanks for the help, Newbie
  11. great i will do it tomorrow and have it checked ,thanks for the help , will
  12. i see them but i thought they held the whole starter togeather
  13. Yea they do get a little warm.it does have good connection and new battery.Worth a shot. Do you happen to know how to get this starter off we are pretty far into it so I might as well get that to. Thanks for the advise
  14. Tested battery and generator and both good know back to slow turn over. How do I remove this starter I see no bolts??
  15. Well got it running and still back to turning over slow.Tested battery and generator and both good.I can not figure out HOW tho get the starter off. Can any one tell me how to do that???41 v12 zephyr