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  1. I do have a Reference Book. Page 39, which included Timing the Ignition, had fallen out which I finally found. My question now is where is the 7 degree mark?
  2. I had to rebuild the water pump and in the process removed the distributor. What is the correct process to replace it so the timing is correct? Thanks, Darryl
  3. Here are a few more details on my over flow problem. 3 years ago I had the radiator cleaned and repaired (Santa Monica Radiator), replaced the packing in the water pump,and replaced all the hoses (they don't collapse). What happens is the water will surge. With the cap off, it will hold the water level then over flow out the filler pipe, hold the water level then overflow again. It will repeat this until most of the water in the upper tank is gone. The engine will run a little hotter than normal but does not over heat. There is no foaming. It is like there is a pressure build up in the cooling system.
  4. I have a 23-4-35. When I fill the radiator and drive the car I lose a lot of water through the overflow tube. I have no leaks in the cooling system. I suspect I have a blown head gasket or a cracked head. Before I pull the head I was wondering if anybody has any other idea of what might cause this.
  5. Just my 2 cents worth, you should have a positive ground and negative to the starter.
  6. Hi John I have 2 starter peddles. I also have 2 engines, 2 transmissions and a lot of other parts for my 23-4-35. Sorry no linkage for the spark advance. If you still need a starter peddle let me know at darrylkerry@sbcglobal.net. Darryl Go Packers
  7. I rebuilt the Marval carbureter on my 23 Buick last year. About 3 months ago I started having a problem with the carbureter flooding, fuel leaking out the air intake, when the engine is not running, even for a short time. I have a shut off valve where the fuel enters the fuel bowl which I now turn off before I turn off the engine. I sealed the cork float with KWIK POLY, when I rebuilt the carbureter, but I think it may haved failed and the cork may be saturated. I have no problems when the engine is running. To make a long story short, does anyone sell brass floats to replace the cork or should I get new cork and start all over again?
  8. I have a 23-4-35 with the vacuum fuel pump. The first thing I do, when the car has been setting for while, is hold the primer button, on top of the fuel bowl, down and count to 6 to make sure the fuel bowl if full. I then move the throttle and advance levers down about 1/3 of the way from the top and set the air setting to hot, stright up and down. it has always started after 1 or 2 cranks. I don't use the full choke because it tends to flood the engine. Of course I am in Southern California and we don't have the cold winters.
  9. When I took the rim and tire off the wheel the other day it came off very hard. This is the first time It's been removed since I bought the car. When I tried to put it back on I was unable (I did not remove the tire from the rim when I had it off). I tried with the tire fully inflated and deflated. I measured the rim and found it was not a true circle, it was off by about 1/2 inch. I put the spare tire/rim on without any problems so It's not the wheel. How can I get the rim back on the wheel?
  10. I have also been trying to find someone to make a transmission lock key for my 23-4-35. I sent a Email to Yale Lock Company, with the lock number K1604, but I never received a reply. I had a locksmith look at it but he didn't want to work on it. I will be following this post to see if anyone can help. If you are in Ventura let me know, I live in Oak View just south of Ojai. Email darrylkerry@sbcglobal.net
  11. Hi John, There is a shop in North Hollywood, CA. that specializing in repair of small parts for classic and antique cars. They weld all metals and repair pitts. I had my 1923 Buick rear window ring, which is pot metal and broken in half, repaired by them and was very happy with the results. The name is: Classic Welding and Repair 8235 Lankershim Blvd., Unit M N. Hollywood, CA 91605 818-771-0602
  12. My 23-4-35 Buick had a electric fuel pump which I removed. I rebuilt the Stewart vacuum tank and connected that to the carburetor. The problem I am having is after the engine is turned off. The fuel bowl slowly fills up beond the float level, takes about an hour, then leaks down the needle valve tube and out the end of the carburetor by the air intake. I have adjusted the float and cleaned the float valve and seat without any luck. I now turn the fuel valve off, on the bottom of the vacuum tank, to stop the leak. Is this normal or do I have some worn parts?
  13. I have one wheel on my 23 buick that needs the wood spokes to be replaced. Some one put metal shims between the rim and spokes which have worked their way out and now several of the spokes are loose. Does anyone know a person or company in southern California that can do this? Thanks Darryl BCA43289 23-4-35
  14. I have owned a 23-4-35 for several years now which starts every time and runs great. I have driven it to car shows 30 miles away with no problems. The four cylinder is a great engine but can only go about 40 mph max. The good thing abuot 4 cylinders is it has 2 less cylinders you have to wory about.
  15. Does anyone know what the recommended tire pressure is for 33 x 5 (23 x 5) 6 ply tire? They are on a 23-4-35.
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