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  1. There is no cheap cheap enough to compensate for ugly and dumb.
  2. I sold my TVR twice between Christmas and New Years while the blizzards were piling up the snow. The price of my car went up so high so quickly the first auction that many buyers were squeezed out. At the auctions conclusion I discovered the "winner" was out at sea and needed a bunch of my financial and paypal information prior to transferring funds which I would not provide. When I checked the address he had supplied eBay on zillow and google maps, it was an empty lot. The second high bidder was represented as being the owner of a sports car dealership in Italy. I checked him out with my brother who had some connections in Italy. This buyer was also a scammer and his business did not exist. Ebay quickly stepped in to help cancelling the sale. The second auction was not as successful in terms of price attained but the car sold quickly at what I felt was a fair price especially given the time of year. Given the worldwide exposure at a low cost. It is hard to beat if the reserve is realistic. I too was skeptical and really had not expected to sell my car but I have been converted and was a satisfied seller. I would suggest limiting the bids you will accept to those within the United States or with representatives and references that are. i also would require at least 5 feedback comments. As a buyer I have grown aware of many scams by sellers beyond the obvious an that eBay is not as protective of buyers as they are their sellers.
  3. Sad sight is exactly right. What a waste the parts not being preserved. How destructive to toss that top.
  4. There seems to be a feeding frenzy on eBay right now with TC's bringing some nice bids. You might consider listing yours. Best of luck with that beauty whatever you decide.
  5. This is not my car and I know nothing about it other than it is on eBay with a buy it now of $4,500. Looks good in the photos. Represented as 49K with one owner.
  6. I wish you the best with this car. It appears to be very fairly priced. I have spread the word some here on the East Coast stressing it is a 16 Valve as I suggested to you a while back. In my opinion, a deposit that is not followed through on is only partial compensation for storage, the cost of funds tied up in the car and for any sales lost you might not even know about. The "buyer" may have been attempting a no risk sale. The deposit loss became his or her risk and a cost of doing business.
  7. Bill I sent two emails to the lister the first time he posted it for sale. He responded to neither and made no correction to his listing. His lack of knowledge regarding this uncommon car is understandable and forgivable. His failure to correct the listing once having been informed (now three times) is not, in my opinion. A lister offering to sell to a buyer that may have to make a decision from a long distance or that can verify the lister's information only at considerable expense incurs the absolute obligation to be scrupulously honest . But, then that may just be the way I do my car selling. It does look like a very nice car.
  8. westcoastclassics is still misrepresenting the TC they have re-listed. This TC is presented as having the 16 valve 200 hp engine and as having Fondmetal wheels. It has neither. Rather, it has one Fondmetal wheel with four aftermarket wheels and the 8 valve turbo engine. If the car is as nice as it looks there should be no need to be other than fully honest. The lister knowingly misrepresenting such easily checked things leads me to question the harder to verify assertions. There are a number of true 16 valve TC's on the market right now. This is not one of them. Do your homework. Be an informed buyer.
  9. Sorry to hear about the hail damage. We got hit here hard, also. I watched the uTube videos and tried the dry ice method on my wagon. I had no success. The PDR folks now they know some magic and my car is back to as new.
  10. This is a common problem in older Volvos. I am not a mechanic but seem to recall the fix for them is to replace the brain (or system) that controls the flaps and that the piece had a number of air lines attached that ran to those flaps opening and closing them as needed when things worked right and not doing so when they did not.
  11. 89TC..Thanks for your input. I am very surprised with your passion and ongoing interest in my TC hunt that you have not jumped all over 89TCMaserati's car just down the street from you. I buy to keep and as a "serial" collector with room for but a couple if I find something else first, that is what gets bought. I kept my last TVR for a number of years and only its sale opened up the possibility of another collector car purchase. If the right Cutlass comes along the TC hunt will stop for another few years. My interest in TC's has long preceded 2007 and certainly your join date. My early log in info got lost in a computer crash. Whatever you are warning sellers about they should also know my check clears before I head out the door. The "clearing" takes only as long as it takes to count the stack of cash and push it across the table. If you feel the burning need to direct insults to me I believe it would more in keeping with the temperament of this particular site for you to so so by PM instead of embarrassing yourself publicly and lessening the TC experience for all that visit. Despite that, if my interest in acquiring a TC has offended you, I apologize and acknowledge you, just like the graffiti artist that tagged the wall down the street, exist.
  12. I thought this was you: P.O. Box 423 Woodland Park, CO 80866 719.330.0697 Sorry. GA I can do. Details, please.
  13. 89TC Maserati That should have been SE US not SE Colorado. Found you a top. Congratulations on the sale.
  14. Still looking. More firm in my conviction it is black on black or ginger or ginger with yellow that I am interested in. I would not like white nor feel comfortable in red. Cabernet is not appealing but might work. It is not a show car but an above average occasional use car I seek that has not been subjected to smoke. Just as good would be a nice 95 Cutlass convertible Oh, almost forgot: Southern and Eastern.
  15. I suggest you might check actual sales on eBay and TMV on Edmunds.com. The first you know is true market value and the second claims to be.
  16. shelbyone You cover the wrong coast and I'll keep the right coast covered. For me it is the buckskin with not red or white outside. For years all the good ones were out your way. Cheap to boot. Last month though an Atlanta yellow on black I was interested in (but for the wrong color interior) was purchased by a buyer out your way. Very nice car but a long way to ship. Maybe a west coast scarcity is developing.
  17. If you are still looking, I cam across this: 1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati Hard Top
  18. I can't help you but well remember mine. That MG Midget's top rarely was up and the tonneau cover was always in place to protect the cheap vinyl seats and dash. The TC's luxurious leather deserves no less. It would seem like a very marketable product if someone came up with a pattern and system. Goo luck in your quest.
  19. Lee Thanks. Once seller responded and provided additional images I could see something was way off. This was a false alarm. Since responding to the ad I have been informed by paypal that my account has been limited. This is not a problem because fortunately some prince in Africa wants to transfer a hefty sum into my banking account and there is an Irish lottery I have won. The photos I was sent show a worn interior, filthy engine compartment and dented passenger door. This car may have had 15,000 once but I would think it has a bunch more now. The seller left a message on my answer machine regarding the 1990 TC Turbo. V6 Turbo? Now he has my phone number also..... Maybe I should shop West Coast.
  20. FALSE ALARM BOGUS AD The search may be over but then it could be a scam. Its a long way to NY from TN but well worth it if this car is as represented. Some aspects are shaky. Is anyone near Wantagh and willing to check out a TC for me? I have just done the same for potential buyers of a local Volvo, one from WA and one from NJ. Thanks.
  21. Thanks for the willingness to go down $2,000 in minutes and without my even making an offer. I would suggest eBay. I sold my TVR quickly without problems (once I limited bidding to those with some history and a verifiable US address) and got to make a friend of the new owner. At the very least it will give you a good feel for a market price on your nice car.
  22. Koi-Boy That would be the one were it with a West Coast price. Nice ones like yours are getting harder to come by and the owners are deserving of whatever the market will bear. I am afraid if that is the selling price of a nice TC I will need to be moving on to something more humble. Good luck with sale.
  23. Not to tease but.... For Sale: craigslist. 2 16 v 5 spd TCS in Pittsburg
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