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  1. Dear Fellow Carnuts, I am trying to find ...... NEW ENGLAND AUTO LISTS These were put out by states in the teens to twenties and contained listings by ordered by number plate of all cars registered in that particular state. Usually included Year Make Horsepower Serial No. and Owners name and address? Once upon a time a few Connecticutt ones came up on EBAY but have not seen any since. Does any one know of Histoeical Societies or Libraries Maintaing these ? Would love to purchase even photocopies Thaks for your info
  2. Check with Dick Shappy in Rhode Island as he has restored MANY Early Cadillacs and has a big parts stash as well Visit his website at www.classiccars.ws and check out his Galleries... don't miss the 1911 Osgood Trolley Car Man... Talk about dedication to the Hobby... he had to erect a special TALLER Garage on his property just to work on it.. Also check out his "found" Duesenberg
  3. You might wish to Cntact Dick Shappy in Rhode island as he has restored LOTS of pre war Cadillacs and has a pretty good stash of parts for the early ones his web site is http://www.classiccars.ws Be sure to check out his restoration page Particularly the One on the Early Providence RI Trolley Car
  4. For any ADVANCED DESIGN Era Chevy trucks Check out Bob Adler's Shop and Yard in Stephentown NY web site with pictures below http://www.adlersantiqueautos.com/ Bob was a cancer researcher at the famous Dana Farber Institute in Boston before giving it up to restore trucks. Bob also authors "notes from the Corrosion Lab for THIS OLD TRUCK Magazine. and so is a very BUSY guy know exactly what you need when you call
  5. Dear Collectors, Any one with an ultra rae 1929 0r 30 VIKING or similar year OLDSMOBILE might be interested in this auction Item number: 320347230889 Does any one know approx.how many VIKINGS have survived ? Thanks and Good Luck, Captain Tailfin
  6. Dear Olds Collectors, Any one with an ULTRA RARE VIKING or similar yearOLDS might be interested in this auction Item number: 320347230889 Does any one know approx.how many VIKINGS have survived ? Thanks and Good Luck, Captain Tailfin
  7. Dman, You might try this posting on the website of "The American Truck Historical Society" at www.aths.org They are a Fantastic Group dedicated to preserving Trucks and Trucking History. A yearly membership is around $35 US and WELL WORTH IT ! Certainly I would also make inqueries there about any chapters groups or other Clubs devoted exclusively to Yor Brand. Specific Marque Clubs are the best Kept Secret in this hobby and by far the greatest help and best value too ! Good Luck With your Diamond T. John B
  8. Wow ! What a Great Discussion ! Unfortunately the Berkshire Athenaeum has only a digitalscan of the original photograph, I have tried enlarging that section, but it becomes too distorted to really confirm OR deny a STAR emblem, Vintman, so it could be I guess. In reviewing the book "A Pictorial History of the Automobile" by Peter Roberts there are shown a couple of cars with similar though not identical appearance namely, a 1906 FIAT on Page 73 generaly of similar proportion and style particularly in the details of the roof rack and grab handles (Add on Acessories perhaps?) and also the "bail" handles on the lights, but NOT the upswept rear fenders. on page 86 a 1906 Model H CADILLAC has the upswept rear fenders but the hood appears "squarer" and not as sloped at the top and also with different style headlights. Perhaps forebodingly the description on Page 103 of a 1907 Wollsey Cavollos 40/50 is predictive... "Looking identical to a DOZEN other limousines of the Edwardian period...." When I first perused the Standard Catalogue of American Cars up to 1942,I thought perhaps Pierce Arrow (lights in the fenders came later), Cleveland,or an OUTSIDE Chance of the BERKSHIRE locally produced in Pittsfield Mass from 1906 to approx 1912. Can any lookers rule these out? Thank you for all your input. Capt Tailfin
  9. Here is an Album of Photos From the Williamstown Mass Meet Living here in the Beautiful Berkshire Hills of Western Mass. we are often the Site of Antique Car Club Meets and Tours A little while back we were fortunate to meet the friendly folks of the Pierce Arrow Society at their National Summer meet Pierce Arrow Society Meet Williamstown Mass
  10. Dear P-A fans I have just posted a photo in the "WHAT IS THIS ?" Forum of what maybe an early Pierce Arrow I am trying to identify this for my library's local history department. It apparently was used in Berkshire County, Western Massachusetts back in the day. Please post any info in THAT forum so we can keep it all together for a better discussion. Thank you for sharing your expertise, Capt Tailfin
  11. Dear friends, While searching through the Local History Department's Photo Archives at my local library, I came accross this photo. This was apparently owned by a local Berkshire County Mass resident in the early part of the last century. [img:left]http://picasaweb.google.com/CaptainTailfin/UnknownAutos?authkey=5IYExDsd7TI#5298279481408405122 I looked through my "Old Testament", The Standard Catalogue of American Cars to 1942, and have a few ideas but would like your educated guesses. I was able to match some details but am puzzeled by what appear to be the reinforced spokes (?) on the rear wheels. Could this be unique only to heavier bodystyles ? Thank you for sharing your knowledege, Capt Tailfin,
  12. Check Space C2C-72 in Chocolate field A friend is bringing me a load of Crosley parts and One Crosley Wagon to sell. John B
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