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  1. Hi, I have a 29 Dodge DA with exactly the same wheels, I have been offered a pair of fronts that from the pictures look the same BUT they have 11" brake drums and my DA has 12", they are 12 spoke 19" tyre size and have 8 rivets in the centre, what car had similar wheels but 11" drums? They look like they will fit apart from the drums, I need some spare wheels as my car was imported from Africa to the UK and the wheel rims have neen welded and repaired several times, Any idea what they might be from and if they are likely to be fit my DA? Thanks, Pat
  2. I have a 29 DA sedan right hand drive as was imported from Africa to the UK, Pat
  3. Hi, I have a 1929 Dodge DA sedan with 19" wooden wheels, I have been offered two spare wheels that look exactly the same from the pictures, 12 wooden spokes, 8 rivets in the centre, 4 clamps holding the rims on etc. BUT the brake drums are 11" X 2" and from the handbook my DA has 12" X 2" drums, could the wheels offered be from a Victory 6, if so are they the same apart from the brake drum dia.? Thanks, Pat Gill (UK) :confused:
  4. Hi, I have a 1929 Dodge DA sedan here in the UK, imported from Africa! one of the wheels is in poor shape and I need to make new spokes, can anyone tell me what wood is suitable as I don't want to make 10 spokes and find they shrink or crack after a few months! Regards, Pat
  5. Hi, I took a re chromed part back to the platers that was supposed to be nickel, he stripped the chrome in seconds and it left perfect nickel, talk to a friendly plater to see what is involved, I think you need a particular acid that may be hard to get at home,
  6. Hi, I blew the engine on my 29 DA at the weekend! on my way to Goodwood race circuit in the UK, the engine had been rebuilt in south africa before I bought the car, the main bearings are seperate shells marked on the back "Ring True DETROIT" sept 22 1925 29 AD 3060, the big ends are cast into the rods, one had completely disintegrated into small granular pieces, not melted or worn through, all the white metal (babbit) is in the oil pan, it had not run out of oil or oil pressure, are there any later rods that will fit this engine and take normal bearings? or can the rods be modified? is ther anyone who has a gsk. set or just a head gsk. HELP, there are not many early Dodges in the UK and no spares at all, Thanks, Pat
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