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  1. I got the doors and fenders back from the sand blaster and hope to get the body off the F38 before I leave WV for the winter - almost there. Re sheet metal all in all is in pretty good shape. There was been some repair to one door and one rear fender had quite a lot of filler in it. One front fender had a couple of pretty large tears in it so it is with a welder for repair. I hope to pick it up tomorrow. Will be working on removal of the dash today.
  2. I don't have anything left in Kansas and just have a carport in MS so all the activity is in WV. I got the 4 doors, fenders, trunk lid, and radiator housing to the sand blaster today. Man that is a lot more expensive than I thought it would be. I am stripping the paint off the body by hand so it is slow going. Someone decided it needed a lot more body putty than necessary. I still have more to remove but here is a before and after. I have lots of parts (although not in the best of condition) so I have a correct radio and heater. They will have to be rebuilt eventually.
  3. Finally retired and built a barn/shop to work in so I am ready to get on with this project. We moved to Mississippi and Cruisin the Coast just concluded. It ran from Oct 2 through Oct 9 and their were 8,000 registered cars from 44 states. It inspired me to get to work. The guy who was working on the body recommended that I find a different body that was not as badly rusted so I bought a F38 in Minnesota, had it trucked to Kansas, where it sat I'm my garage. The barn is in WV so I hauled it there when we retired. I will take the F38 body and put it on my L38 frame. The bodie
  4. OK - push has come to shove and I had to rent a storage unit for my 38 8 cylinder chasis. With the addition of the new F38, the chasis was moved to the back patio under a tarp and that proved to be unsatisfactory - all those shiny new parts now have a rust covering. I loaded it on the hauler today and took it to the storage unit. Here is a pic of the new F38 in my much too small garage. I have been replacing windows in the house after a needed vacation to Yellowstone so I have not had time to work on the car. Maybe in the fall. The last pic is of a moose we spotted in Yellowstone the da
  5. I'm not aware of any reproduction sidemounts. I have been looking for a hinge for one of the covers as one of mine is broken. It may be repairable - just haven't had time to investigate it. Good luck on your 38 - I may have some parts if you get in a bind. LJ
  6. Bought a 38 6 cylinder 4 door touring sedan in MN last weeked for the body. It needs some work but should fit right on my 38 straight eight frame. The rockers and doors are in pretty good shape but the trunk pan is shot and will need to be replaced. The shipper should get it to Oveland Park on Monday the 21st so I can begin to take it apart. I'm getting pretty good at taking things apart. Putting them back together remains to be seen. Anyway the wife is in China with a bunch of teachers and won't be back until the end of the week so I couldn't consult with her on the purchase - She is g
  7. OK - here are some pics of my progress on the steering wheel - still lots of sanding to do. I am using the restoration kit from Eastwood.
  8. Vern - apparently two of the main journals on the crank in the engine I am having rebuilt are scored bad enough that it would have to be turned beyond where oversize bearings are available. I think the one out fo the donor engine will be OK though.
  9. Well the weather finally warmed up enough to work in the garage so I took some time to pull the crank out of the donor engine. I have it ready to come out but man those straight eight cranks are heavy. I am going to wait until I can get a friend over here to helpme lift it out of the block. Here are a couple of pics. I also started to restore the steering wheel this winter and am still working on it.
  10. rcumba, Yes I have fond memories of that old 50 DeSoto. With the fluid drive it would start in gear so you had to be careful. I reached over the seat from the back seat one time in the winter to start it for the heater thinking that it was in neutral. It was not, and the car took off tearing the drive in speaker that was hanging in the window from its post. I have never moved that fast in my life, leaping over the seat to get control before I rammed the car in the row in front of me. It was quite a sight and I was quite a dumb a**. One of those life experiences that you learn from. Good
  11. Looks like a neat project. I'm pretty much committed to the 4 door touring sedan and I think I have a car/body located - time will tell. If things don't work out and I have to change body styles I am thinking of going with a coupe. A six wheel straight 8 coupe would be pretty neat. With that said, is your 2 door sedan a trunk back or slant back? - can't tell from the pic. LJ
  12. Just received a call from my body guy and it is not looking good. Apparently, the rust problems are insurmountable without major dollar committment. He recommended that I find another body in better starting shape to save on restoration dollars. With that said, I am in the market for another 38 Olds 4 Door without substantial rust problems. He has a car located in New Mexico but the pics so far look like it is more of the same. I would prefer to spend a little (emphasis on little) more to get something requiring less work. We'll see what the next few days brings.
  13. I've been traveling on business a lot the last three weeks so not much going on - but I am piling up parts. Found some spares on ebay sitting in hotel rooms at night - the neighbors probably wonder about all the UPS and FedEx deliveries. :-) I did get the transmission back all cleaned up - pic attached and momma wants her car in the garage for the winter so I put the chassis on wheel dollies and moved it to the middle of the garage. Three vehicles in a two car garage is pretty tight - gotta watch those mirrors backing out for sure. The body man called last week and after sandblasting discov
  14. I received my rebuilt fuel tank sending unit from S.U.R.&R. (still don't know what that stands for) and as promised here are before and after pics. They did a nice job on a unit in pretty poor condition. Easy to work with - not cheap but what are you gonna do? And, my Cowboys didn't disappoint (although it was a pretty ugly win) - what could be better than that!
  15. I got a call from S.U.R.&R. today and they have finished the rebuild on my fuel tank sending unit despite its very poor condition. They said it was a challenge but now looks like new and are shipping it to me today. I will post before and after pics when I get it next week. Thanks for the tip Elmo39! I will try to get the tank installed this weekend but I have to block out 4 hours for the Oklahoma State game on Saturday. Yes, I am a glutton for disappointment - On a more positive note I found another NOS u-joint for the transmission/driveshaft connection. Can't wait to get the engi
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