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  1. V. K. Shirk

    What kind of sport roadsters are these?

    The Mercer looks like the best match. The fuel pump? on the side looks the same. What threw me was the plated radiator. I thought Mercer's were painted???
  2. V. K. Shirk

    What kind of sport roadsters are these?

    Stutz was my guess to but the radiator didn't quite look like a Stutz to me. Thanks!!!
  3. Both of these cars look to be the same but what make and year are they?
  4. V. K. Shirk

    high wheeler race

    So, is the race car condition run prior to the high wheel race? If it starts at 11 and the high wheelers are at 11:45, is that enough time to have all the race cars run or do they just work them in? The Speedster didn't say anything about the race car condition run...at least as far as I could see.
  5. V. K. Shirk

    What was this Brass Kingston Carb used on?

    I remember seeing a number but figured it was just a serial no. I believe there was also letter "D" cast in the body. It'll be a bit before I can post the number. It sure has features of the c. 1915 Model T Kingston. Thanks!!!
  6. I think I have seen a carb like this but can't think of what car it was used on. Any guesses? 1-1/8" bore, all brass, Kingston. Thanks!!!
  7. V. K. Shirk

    A 1910 Model T Ford and a ???

    Thanks for the photo enlargement. I have a new program (Picasa) and am still learning it.
  8. V. K. Shirk

    A 1910 Model T Ford and a ???

    I've been trying to enlarge the car on the right but as of yet, I can't seem to be able to get it done. I'll keep trying. Thanks!!!
  9. V. K. Shirk

    A 1910 Model T Ford and a ???

    The car on the left is a 1910 Model T Ford. What is the car on the right?
  10. V. K. Shirk

    FS - 1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

    1973 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Asking $3,000 or best first offer Restoration started. 472 cu. in. engine and transmission completely rebuilt. New brakes & radiator. Trim removed. Car repainted. Needs trim installed. Ready for interior & final assembly. Lost interest due to loss of eyesight. Photos later. Garyl Turley - owner (and AACA member) (316) 655-7144 Wichita, Kansas, USA E-mail via my friend at vkshirk@aol.com (also an AACA member) if you are unable to contact me via phone.
  11. V. K. Shirk

    1908 Simplo

    I was just a young lad back in the 60's I remember seeing a Simplo at the AACA Kaw Valley Tours in Topeka, Kansas. You might try contacting one of their members to find out about it. It seems like it was cream color with a red undercarriage and solid rubber tires.
  12. On the rear main of a '34 V-8 engine there is a hole for a drain tube. All I have in the hole, currently, is an externally threaded ring. I'm assuming there was a line and it was broken off flush with the cap. I that a good assumption or??? One of my friends says his had a line with a check ball in it. Another friend said the check ball was only on grain trucks so that when they were lifted up to dump the grain, the oil wouldn't run out. Did Model A's or B's use these lines? Thanks for the help! Verne
  13. I am looking to purchase a cooling fan for a 1915-16 Oakland Model 32B. It has a Northway engine. I suspect a fan from other General Motors cars may fit. It looks very similar to a 1912-13 Buick. Six blades and a ring around the outside. I can send a photo if that will help. Thanks!!! Verne Shirk