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  1. I don't think an alternator issue would affect whether or not the compressor is working. It could be as simple as not having enough freon in the system. Make sure you have the freon pressure checked before adding any and if the pressure is too low, make sure you use the correct freon (eg: has your car been converted to 134a or is it still R12). It's also possible there may be some electrical connection somewhere that needs to be cleaned - not that our TC's ever experience this.
  2. I have 5 16v TC's, 4 of which run, 1 of them rather well.
  3. I bought it. Very nice car, honestly described.
  4. Looks like the Carlisle website is incorrect and I came in second in the Shootout. There was a very well driven Neon on racing slicks who was .1 second faster than me. In the past slicks had either been disallowed or penalized 2 seconds. That didn't happen in 2017. I'm a little embarassed about this. Looks like the slicks will not be allowed in 2018. At any rate I'm highly motivated for 2018 (and doin my rain dance).
  5. Now that April is here I thought I'd take the tops off of the cars and enjoy some fresh air motoring. The top came off the yellow TC just fine, but I can't get the top off the Royal Cabernet one - see picture. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. Yes - $125 plus shipping. If you're interested please send me a pm and I'll forward some pictures.
  7. I've got a tool kit - $125 plus shipping and a service manual - $65 plus shipping. If you're interested send me a private message and I'd be glad to send pictures.
  8. Joel Jasinski is the man. I bought one from him and it was a straightforward installation helped along by his excellent instructions. Nice product - perfect fit, and included the spark plug o ring gaskets as well. Best of all - no leaks! There should be info on this site on how to contact him. If not, send me a PM and I'll give you his phone number.
  9. Here's something that worked very well for me. The replacement top fits right and does not leak (unlike my hardtop). Keep in mind I replaced a badly worn tan canvas top with an excellent black Hartz cloth top - so that change may have had something to do with the improvement, but here's what I did. 1). Install the top, but do not tighten the 6 bolts which hold the top in place. 2). Secure the top to the windshield header as tightly as possible with as precise side to side alignment as possible. 3). Tighten the 6 bolts, then close the tonneau and check to make sure that the rear latch pull down blades are centered perfectly within the holes in the tonneau. 4). If necessary (and it probably will be necessary), slightly loosen the 6 bolts and adjust so the pull down blades are exactly centered. Repeat until you get it right.
  10. Sports Car Market recently added the TC to their list of collector cars with a median value of $4,900 for an automatic, with the 5 speed being 25% higher. This is based on actual sales at auction. These cars are usually in excellent cosmetic condition, but potential mechanical problems could substantially lower those numbers. As far as mileage is concerned, TC odometers are so notorious for failure most buyers would be skeptical unless you can document the miles as true. But if the miles are true, you run into Hemi's concern about mechanical issues due to lack of use.
  11. After the event I used some Leatherique and the leather seems fine. It's probably psychological, but since I do go faster with the top down, the top comes down regardless of conditions. One of my prep strategies is to get the car as ready as it can possibly be before the event and then only deal with things that can make me faster during the event.
  12. Thanks so much! Not only is my suspension stock, it's original. I do have 1 degree negative camber and the RE71R's on 16x7 wheels are simply incredible. I'm thinking of going to urethane mounts & sway bar bushings. I had looked into getting new struts/shocks but couldn't find anything performance oriented - sounds like you may have found the hot set up. Could you share part numbers, etc as I'm definitely interested in upgrading.
  13. At the Carlisle Chrysler Show they hold a "Real Street Shootout" - 20 cars, all in one class, anything allowed except racing tires. For the last 3 years a very well prepared & driven Charger has won. The field included a lot of "hard core" autocrossers in old & new, front & rear drivers. Looks like I made the right tire & wheel selection (RE71R Bridgestone Potenzas on 16x7 American Racing wheels). I've also got to credit the weatherman. Since it started to rain midway thru our first runs, they were not counted. So, the rain is pouring down, the wipers are on full, the top is stowed under tonneau where it belongs, the gas pedal is mashed to floor, the engine is screaming toward redline in 2nd gear and I'm thinking, "Life is good!" My best qualifying run was a 76.6, the next fastest time was in the 80's. The old & new rear drivers couldn't put their power down. I've not only got more power (Thanks to Rick D) than the fwd contingent, I can get it to the pavement. It was one of, if not the most satisfying win I've ever had. My TC is now the picture car on the 2018 Carlisle Chrysler Shootout web page, too. Here is a link to some pictures from the Carlisle Flickr album - I'm on pages 9 & 11. - Nile https://www.flickr.com/photos/carlisle-events/albums/72157683911305561/page9
  14. I just installed one of these and the job was relatively easy, even for someone with my limited mechanical skills. I followed his instructions to the letter. My old gasket was the original one and it was intact, but rock hard. I used Q tips to clean out the groove. The toughest part of the job was removing the old spark plug rings. I finally got a small pick and just dug them out. I could not find torque specs anywhere. Since the 8v engine calls for 105 inch pounds I figured that might work, but as I was tightening the new gasket it just seemed "right" at 80 in. lbs. My major leak is now gone. I'm very happy with this part and hope he sells enough to make a profit. Now, if someone will just repro the plug wire looms!
  15. Keeping in mind that my only criteria is handling I went with 225/50x16 RE71R's (Bridgestone Potenzas) which I have on my MR2 autocross car. The ride is surprisingly good, the handling is superb, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet they ride. The downside is that they'll have to come off before winter as cold temps are a problem for the 200 compound. Last year I was 5th out of 20 in the Carlisle shootout (beating all the Hemi Challengers) on 205/60x15 Direzzas. The RE71R's are quicker, so I'm hoping for a podium finish this year.
  16. Finally made my decision - they're American Racing 919 wheels, 16x7.
  17. Welcome! Get ready for admiring glances and weird questions (my favorite one so far being from a kid with a BMW who wanted to know when they put a V-8 in a LeBaron). I have a tool kit I'd be willing to sell; it's complete and in nice shape with the exception of the "Sterilix" wipes box - which is a bit crunched, and the back of the black leather case - the stitching looks to have been done by someone who may have been also working in a local vineyard (the front stitching is fine). If you're interested, send me a pm and I'll send some pics. $125 plus actual shipping cost or if you're coming to Carlisle we can simply meet there and you can look it over in person.
  18. A few weeks ago this seller had a TC dash pad for sale with a starting price that was within reason (unlike most of his other prices), but while there were a few decent quality pictures, there was no picture of the "leading edge" where the leather often pulls away from the pad. So I emailed him and asked if he could provide a picture of that section. His reply was that the pad was not faded so no picture was necessary. That was enough for me to avoid the part.
  19. The same thing occurred in my car. The fix turned out to be very simple - exactly what mensanguy suggested.
  20. Any chance you could post the part numbers? Thanks - Nile
  21. Thanks Reaper, I could not find any 16x7" Mopar wheels either, so I guess they were not made. I've read that some of the aftermarket wheels use elongated holes to accommodate both the 100mm and 114mm bolt patterns and others require plastic inserts. I don't want either of those options. Were your Enkei's a simple bolt-on and did you have to buy new lug nuts?
  22. Does anyone know of a 16x7 Mopar wheel that will fit the TC?
  23. A couple years back I got the chance to get a bunch of parts off a TC, including doors, that showed up at our local PicAPart. The passenger side door has 3 quick disconnect plugs (red, blue & black) and 1 gray wire, which I cut, so that side should be easy. Then there's the driver's side - I couldn't find any disconnects (fender & interior panel were off so I had pretty good access). I'll try to attach a pic. Good Luck - Nile
  24. If you absolutely do not want to risk disassembly, you could try lubricating it "in place", maybe cleaning out as much of the old grease as possible, either with or without using a solvent, and re-lubricating . Good Luck - Nile
  25. While I'm afraid Degerb is right about the problem being internal, it might be worth lubing the shifter, itself. You might be able to simply untie the leather lace on the boot and spray some PB Blaster or WD40 around in there and see if that helps at all. Worst case, you'd need to loosen the console to get at the shifter. Again, it probably won't be this easy a fix, but what have you got to lose? If not, Rick is definitely the one to contact. - Nile
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