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  1. Me and my wife will be attending it (wish it would be with my TC) and just curious who might be attending the Woodward Dream Cruise, MI with their TC? Always a great time to be had at the Woodward Dream Cruise and seeing all the other beautiful cars. :cool:
  2. Welcome <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->Does185<!-- google_ad_section_end --> to the forum and good to have you included with ownership of a beautiful TC. <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --><!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  3. Good tip Bill, I will put that on my long list of things to do on my 16v TC.
  4. Great news thanks for keeping us all in the loop of this most needed part for 16v owners.
  5. Thanks for the info, this will help with my decision.
  6. I am looking into putting different alloy wheels on my TC. What would be the best wheel weight to match the same that came on the 1989 16v Manual? My thought would be to match the wheel weight. What is your thought on this topic?
  7. Larry, thanks for the update on this sooo needed part Hope your Memorial Day was a good one.
  8. Chris, It has been some time since this previous post. When I go to the company site I see picture of the valve cover gasket but the product is not active. What is the status on the valve cover gasket? You talked about round spark plug hole gaskets as well, how are those coming along? Curious to know, thanks.
  9. Thanks Bill Everyone have a great weekend and happy memorial day! Perfect weather here in Michigan for getting the TC out and cruising around.
  10. I will be needing to replace my passenger side CV axel because the boot ripped open and made a mess. Bill, you mentioned saving the ABS tone ring, how would one go about doing such? Thanks and hope to hear back from bill or anyone that would know.
  11. Thanks Butch91 thanks for the update with this info.
  12. Chris, Thanks for all the help you are providing to us TC owners with keeping these beautiful cars running.
  13. TwinCamFan, Those are some good web resources thanks. The added info will be very helpful not only to me, but to all future Chrysler TC owners. Time and money is tight right now but will do my best to try and restore this beauty. Know my grandmother (may her gentle soul rest in peace) will love seeing her car out on the road showing off the beauty of the Chrysler TC.
  14. My TC Toy, That is so true about young mechanics just doing part changes. Great point! Bill R, Did have a dealership just down the street from me, no longer there since the downturn and company restructure. Need to look up the closest one to me now. Will definitely follow up on the advice you gave. Thanks a lot from you two, if others have more things to consider please post them. Knowledge is power, we don't want the wrong hands of a mechanic botching up the beauty and history of the Chrysler TC.
  15. Hello all TC fans, Been a super long time since I have posted. Life has just got in the way of doing the restoration I have wanted to try and get to on my TC. When one has no choice but to take the TC to a mechanic what questions or qualification of that mechanic should be asked or known? :confused:
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