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  1. Are there any guidelines for when a car starts to become an antique? I have a 1990 Riviera which is in very nice condition and am wondering if it might increase in value if I hold on to it for a few years. Is this discussed anywhere I can link to. I have some photos at this url: 1990Buick Thanks, Jack
  2. Thankd NTX5467 for the reply. As I read it I thought of something important that I did not mention: That is, the "Service A/C" light comes on when the cooling stops. The blower keeps blowing, just not blowing cold. As an expermient I just went out and adjusted the temperture higher than the ambient temperature to see if the blower would shut down and it did---the blower shut down as it should have. So, what condition causes the "Service A/C" indicator to come on? It seems that the compressor is being turned off but the blower is left running. Again thanks for your suggestions. I will use these when I go back to a qualified A/C service person. Jack
  3. I have a 1990 Buick Riviera with a cold A/C but it will shut down the cooling for no obvious reason. When the problem started it was more on than off so was tolerable, even in the desert heat of Arizona. The situation has become worse and I get very little cool time before it shuts down. I tried to correlate the switching with something going on with the car. The best I could come up with was it liked higher RPM’s i.e. when idling at stop light the cooling would go off. My mechanic did not have a clue and sent me to A/C shop he uses. The shop confirmed that the cooling unit was working correctly and concluded the problem was in the computer control. He admitted he had seen the problem before on another Riviera and was not able to fix it. He offered to keep it in the shop for a few days to see if he could find the cause, but was still going to charge by the hour and would not give me a limit on his charges. I was not comfortable with that so have not gotten it fixed. I would like to have a clue as to what a technician should be looking for before working on the problem. Anyone have any similar experience? I am new to the forum but my quick reading of some of threads show some real experts on A/C. Anyway would welcome any comments or suggestions. My Riviera is a beautiful automobile, but not pleasant trucking in this wasteland called Arizona. Thank, Jack