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  1. Alright, thank you very much! It's alright, I'm still interested and I'm still in the class so this is pretty neat. I appreciate the time and the picture! Thanks a lot.
  2. My professor told me that the Packards used a TXV valve to monitor the refrigerant flow. He also told the class that they would freeze you out cause there was no way of turning it off. So I believe that you're right. Sorry it took me so long to post, I've been pretty busy with rebuilding the engine in one of my cars.
  3. bkazmer, Wow. That is some good information. Do you know what type of metering device they used? I'm not familiar with the older vehicles, but I have heard of a (FOT) or Fixed orifice tube, (TXV) or a Thermostatic expansion valve, or even an H-block. I appreciate the info! West Peterson, Unfortunately I live in Defiance county and I commute to school every day. Although I might just give the museum a call and see what they can do as well. I totally understand about working. I might only be a college student but working and then going to school gets pretty long. Whenever you get the time is fine by me, I'm in no hurry. I appreciate it.
  4. Alright, finally someone who can get me a picture or two! I've been looking forever for someone who has pictures. If its not too much to ask i'd like to know a little more about the system and have some close-up pictures of the system. I appreciate your time and effort. thanks, Jarred
  5. I am currently taking an A/C class at the University of Northwestern Ohio and was wondering if i could get some pictures of the trunk unit. My textbook says that Packard was the first ever company to put A/C in their vehicles (1939). Thanks, Jarred
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