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  1. Does any one have one for sale? this La Baron is 2.5 litter turbo 4 cylinder. Jo Ann
  2. Hi ,just wondering if you are still parting out. And if you will be sending the parts on the list. I hadn't heard from you ,since I saw the report of the snow coming down.Have agood day. Jo Ann
  3. Ok guys ,how do you get the shift knob off? I feel a little hole on the dash side what do I use. Thanks Jo Ann
  4. Hi Tom ,do you have any of the parts we talked about that you could send at this time? Jo Ann
  5. I have the hood pattern and will be sending it your way when I'm done with it OK Jerry? Jo Ann
  6. I had another question for you I missed out on all the talk about how to fix the porthole glass when it has bubbles can you tell me how that is fixed? Jo Ann
  7. Thanks Lou, I was hoping to get a good paint job next year, I will replace it at that time. I see they also have a assembly kit listed on there with some type of glue did you see that? Jo Ann
  8. When I had my right axel and boot replaced,the guys had to beat it offm because of all the rust and they broke my ABS speed sensor . They said they would replace it for free if I get another one. They said it was mounted on the spindle,and it was not the one that is in the transmission, Jo Ann
  9. Thanks guys for the help, Tell me Lou what you think of the trim on that site, and which size you would use. Thanks again JoAnn
  10. Your picture does not show the trim I'm talking about its on the out side, I don't see it in the picture. Well I don't know about thecopy and past thing but here it is--- Trimco.info/index.html Thanks Lou Jo Ann
  11. I found this site, TRIMCO, for those that need trim. Louz do you think any of these would work for the hardtop arround the back above the chrome strip? Jo Ann
  12. Hi carchick ,I went to a trim shop with my car and he said he didn't have anything like that and didn't lnow where to find it ,so on we go..... Jo Ann
  13. Louz, do you have a dash? mine is rippled close to the windshied .I don't suppose theres any way to straighten that out .I was going to put some leather conditioner on all the leather. Jo Ann
  14. Thank you for the lesson Louz I'll give it a try. Jo Ann
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