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  1. imouttahere...welcome to the AACA sponsored forums but please be civil to other posters. No reason to get personal nor attack individuals. This is an old car forum for those that enjoy cars whether they use spellcheck or not! We have received complaints and will act accordingly in the future. Peace to all and enjoy your Dodges!
  2. Sorry, apparently I was wrong in posting: "I believe that would be the 1923 and later type of top with the exposed bows in the upper rear corners." I must have been misinformed. Or maybe I was thinking of the gypsy top. Please disregard.
  3. Thanks for the correction, Bob! Wow, that original top really disintegrated when I drove over to see you that day in 1986. I had to make a new top for my car after that visit. The pictures you posted show my car in factory-original condition at that time. I had just purchased it from a car museum that had kept it in storage for 40 years. Joe, you didn't thank me for listing all the differences between the '22 and the 23.
  4. keiser31 wrote: "Are you kidding me? Would you really miss this GREAT event because of a possibility of a lag time in the touring schedule?" That's the reason my family doesn't want to go. The real reason I don't want to go is that I find it rather depressing talking to all the DBC members who have greatly over-restored their cars, have spent 10 times more on the restoration than the cars are worth, want to sit around talking endlessly about the correctness of every screw and rivet, and think you are unworthy if you haven't over-restored your own car. The average DBC member who attends the an
  5. keiser31 wrote: "imouttahere...you mean "ingrammatically" don't you? As Popeye would say..."it's embarassking to read"." That was a fatuous statement, primarily but not entirely because it was a complete non sequitur. Why do you want to make a fool of yourself this way?
  6. Joe Cozza wrote: "By the way, why haven't you responded to my question in the other thread about the meet? Did it really happen? I think not!" Yes, Joe, it really happened, but I'm not going to let you bait me any further. If you don't want to learn to write grammatically, and intend to make fun of anyone who tells you that you lack elementary English skills, then I'm just not going to take you seriously in the future. And I did take the matter up with the DBC leadership. They didn't care because they are obviously more interested in keeping their members happy than in seeing young people ta
  7. Joe, you mean "seen" that coming, OK? Please don't write so ungrammatically. It is really embarrassing to read. First of all, you need to specify what you mean by a "1922" and a "1923" DB. There was an early and a late series 1922 DB (i.e., pre and post-July 1, 1922) . The late series '22 was very much like the '23. Some of the changes in the late-series '22 were: 3-1/2" higher radiator, hood and cowl; the windshield was angled back further (I think; not sure; correct me if I'm wrong about this) and was curved at the bottom rather than straight; the horn button was moved from the driver's d
  8. I'm afraid you are missing, or refusing to take, my point. I agree with my family that it was extremely boring waiting 3 hours for the tour to start, and I detect a serious level of hypocrisy in claiming that DB owners are interested in passing on the DB heritage to younger people and then ignoring their interests when they get together for a tour. When I take a vacation this year, it is going to be with my family. There is no way that they would go with me to another DB meet, and I have no desire to go by myself. It's really quite simple: You can't have it both ways. Either you are only co
  9. May I please make a suggestion? My Dodge Brethren need to understand that DB Club members often want to bring their families to DB get-togethers, and that their families usually aren't nearly as interested in DBs as the club member himself is. And, indeed, one of the stated purposes of the DBC is to get non-club members interested in DBs, so they will preserve these vehicles after their present owners have departed this life. Therefore, it is really a problem when the club says a tour is going to start at, say 10:00 A.M., and then they stand around talking about their cars until noon or 1:00 P
  10. Yes, Rodger, it helps a lot! Thank you very much. As usual, you are the 4-cyl. DB expert par excellence!
  11. "My wife gave me five years to complete it..." LarryJ, don't you know how unbecoming such a statement is to you? If this is really true, then you need to let your wife know who's boss, in no uncertain terms. And under no circumstances should you admit it on an internet forum!
  12. Backfiring can also be caused by a fuel mixture that is too lean, or an intermittent failure to deliver fuel to the engine. In addition to your fuel lines, check the fuel pickup in the gas tank and the strainer on the carburetor for blockage, and make sure your vacuum tank is not running out of fuel. If your vacuum tank is not full, try filling it and see if the problem disappears. Another possibility is that the large metering valve in the carburetor has become separated from its rod where they were swaged together by the factory.
  13. jstro, I'd like to give you these top saddles. I don't need them, and I'm sure you will make a better use of them than I would. you can email me at: retroguybilly(at)gmail.com Best DBing to you. outta
  14. "If you want a hot rod, get a car without a drive train and..use a Mopar 360 engine..." Already have one of those!
  15. Doesn't the flathead 6 make only about 90 h.p.? A stock slant 6 makes 145 before any hop-ups, and can make a lot more with a larger cam, more carburetor and headers.
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