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  1. Welcome you can also join us on Facebook under 1979-1985 E body group. looking forward to your questions and pics
  2. I would have to go with Ed on this one about the chip in the key. I would try buying another key first. Also not to take away form this wonderful site but there is alot of helpful guys on the riviera performance group it is just 95-99 http://rivperformance.editboard.com/login I work at a buick dealer if you need help getting a key
  3. Hello group I am a new owner of a 84 Oldsmobile Toronado Caliente. I have been a long time Riviera owner and still own 4 and love the E body style. I am looking for help with the drivers side mirror. The small screw right behind the mirror has came out. Does anyone know how to get the screw back in or any one have a new mirror?
  4. I dont have any pics now but i can take a couple tomorrow.
  5. I am at a loss too. I have never heard this happening. With the new motor did you put the old control head back in?
  6. What is your ECC doing? If it is the water check valve that is going to be hard to find.........
  7. Are you a member of the ROA? If so look up Chris Bockus he has some
  8. Yes 86-87 and then 88-89 are the same
  9. I have all the pics from me and Jayson i can send them to you in e mail. I am not interested in another site to tend to with car e mail work e mail and personal e mail I have enough to do but will be happy to share all pics.
  10. thanks! sorry I understand alot of folks dont want to use facebook. All the other sites (webshots, flicker, etc) want you to pay a membership fee. If anyone joins just go under notifcations and turn off the messages so it wont send you e mails everytime someone commets in the group. Remember Ray has a copy of all pics as well. Mr Sweeney all I have is a facebook link.....If i remenber right you had a facebook and was in our group!
  11. Had a great meet lots of wonderful cars. Again met alot of good folks showing there cars. I have uploaded pics of the meet on facebook group page "Buick Riviera Owners" for those of you that are ROA members I gave a copy to Ray and he will be putting it on the ROA web site as well. Hope to see everyone next year.
  12. Able Transport 1-800-340-0951
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