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  1. I have to replace the connector behind the headlight switch. When I do this is it going to be just as good to use butt connectors when I splice all the wires instead of soldering?
  2. I found the problem. I pulled the headlight switch out and the wiring harness was fried. That is what the smell was I notice the other day. ( On a posting the other day ) Thanks
  3. My headlights flickered a couple of times then went out. ALL other lights work fine. Where should I start looking????
  4. No it doesn't smell like rotten eggs or anti-freeze. My son seems to think that the cat is clogged and overheating. But , wouldn't that be noticeable by a power loss? Now that I have gone out and driven the car again until it is hot, it seems to smell more like an adhesive that is hot , melting or burning. When trying to describe the smell I said dry heat... anybody who has worked in foodservice where they use warmers that have water in bottom of them- when the water evaporates and the heating unit is still on there is a definite smell and you know right away that it is a warmer that is out of water. Then the heating element is just heating up the metal in the bottom of it. It gives off a terrible odor and that is exactly what my car smells like. You cannot smell anything in the engine compartment , trunk , or outside of the car. It is only inside. I checked and it definitely is not coming from vents. What would I be looking for when checking the smart box??
  5. I have a 88. There is a very strong smell in the passenger compartment. It smells like dry heat , if you know what I mean. The water temp is fine , you can't smell it in the engine compartment. It does not smell like sulpher so I am assuming it is not the cat. It does not smell like rubber or anything electrical burning. There are no driveability issues at all. Car is running fine with the exception of the smell.. Any ideas what to check?? Thanks
  6. How do I get my Reatta listed in the database?
  7. I have been talking to a man in New York who has a Reatta for sale. Probably going to take it and have it transported to Pa. When you do this how is the paperwork [transfer of title, etc] handled? Thanks..
  8. Have you used it both in crankcase and fuel?
  9. Could someone tell what sea foam is ? And what its use is ?? Thanks
  10. Well I am buying the 89. He dropped the price to $1800. It has new exhaust , tires and all maintenance records. This will be #2! I have a feeling it won't stop here. Thanks for all the input!!
  11. I am looking at a 89 Reatta , sapphire blue , about 126,000 miles. Only seen pictures. Doesn't look bad at all. One owner car normal wear on the interior and scuff marks on exterior. Is $2000 too much? Also found a white 88 it has 224,000 at a dealer [ so no REAL info ] he wants $1000 has some rust in normal spots and some rust spots on hood. Would have to pay about $300 to have it transported to me. Let me know what you think about both deals!
  12. I have not used this guy yet. But he has given me quotes. He was highly recommended to me. I am not sure how far he travels. Seems to be the east coast but not sure. He responds very quickly to e-mails. May be worth a try. <> His name is ED.
  13. I have a 88. Whenever I am on the accelerator it makes this loud shrill whistling sound. It stops as soon as I take my foot off the accelerator. Cannot figure out where it is coming from. Does anyone have any ideas before I take it to a garage? Thanks.......
  14. I always got 17.5 to 18.5 miles per gallon. For the last few tank fulls I am only getting 13.5 to 14. What should I be checking????
  15. My temp is always around 200 to 230. Is this something I should be concerned with? I replaced the thermostat a couple months ago.
  16. I have seen mentioned a few times about the required maintenance for this brake system. What exactly is required as far as maintenance goes?
  17. I need to replace the rear shocks. Any suggestions as what brand or type to buy????
  18. Can you swap and put the series I or II in a 88 reatta?
  19. Sorry - the engine was already sold by the time I called him back to go get it! Anyway.... apparently there are different series engines. From what I have been told there are the original 3800 like my 88 Reatta has and a series I , II , III. Is this info correct and which of these can be put in an 88 Reatta. I was told the 91 Reatta has a series II.But most of the people I talk to don't seem to have concrete info!
  20. Well - it took me a couple of days to put on the new harmonic balancer! I just wanted to thank everyone for all the feedback I received before I started this task. What I can't believe is the difference in performance-seems to have much more get-up and go. At first I thought I was just imagining it but I told my son to take it for a ride and he agreed it had alot more pep than before. Anyway thanks to all for their help!!
  21. Tomorrow I am attempting to change my harmonic balancer. A couple people told me there is a tool I need to buy , a couple others told me that I don't need anything special.....Is there a tool I need to buy before I start doing this? Thanks
  22. Thanks for all the info. My car was making a whistling noise when I was trying to locate that noise , which I couldnt , thats when I noticed the harmonic balancer wobbling.
  23. When you say the "crank trigger" do you mean the crank position sensor?