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  1. I am 79 and you guys make me feel so young, Thank you both.
  2. Hello ; I am also having a problem with my 1989 Car, 4 cyl, auto,TC draining the battery appox. every two days. If you find out what is draining your battery , please let me know. I have been chasing my problem for some time now, changed battery and brake accumulator with no help.
  3. I have one on my 89 model now and has hood room for the filler and it is not the same part number, but stated it is compatible with the correct part number. it seems to work fine. have not tested in on the road, just got and installed. PLEASE BE CAREFUL EBAY AND THE SELLED TREID TO DOUBLE SHIPPED AND I NOTED THEY HAD DOUBLED THE ORDER AND I REFUSED TO PAY UNTIL THEY CORRECTED THE TO ONE UNIT. THE SELLER WAS COOPERATIVE BUT STILL WANTS ME TO PAY FOR THE FALSE DOUBLE ORDER.
  4. Is this offer still available?What would shipping cost?
  5. 1989 Chrysler tc, but all door panel 1989,1990,1991 are the same.
  6. Need to replace drivers side door panel, Bordeaux color. price and condition, photo if possible. Thank you.
  7. I will give 80,00 for the whole cluster if all gauges are working, including tach and speedometer and trip meter.
  8. Do you have inst, cluster or gagues for sale and prices if available.
  9. What are you asking for the 4 piece window mo;dings.
  10. I just purchased and installed a new, German made part for 134.00. Works great.
  11. How do you check the gap on the sensor?
  12. I am looking for the plastic box with the the 2 30 amp fuses and 3 terminals that is mounted on the right side inter fender for a 1989 TC 4cyl auto 8 valve. Any help will be good, if you have one for sale, what is the price?
  13. Which of the tc engines are non interference engines? Are the 4 cyl. 8 value engines?
  14. Is the accumulator under pressure, is it dangerous to remove it, does it require any special equipment?
  15. I am looking for a dash tachometer head for a 1989 TC, 4cyl, auto 2.2 . If anyone has one for sale or know where one could be located and price, please advise.
  16. What are you asking for the console lid?
  17. What is indicated when the light stays on all the time?
  18. Istated in the first place, as long as it is not sold or published under another name. i made the statement so everyone would understand that I did not own it and was acknowledging that it belonged to the orginial publisher. louz tried to spin it to make fun of me, because I will not submit to his abuse and talking down to everyone. The information was at that time available to everyone in the group, including Louz if he wanted it. I just will not take credit for someone elses good work, and wanted everyone to know it was available but was someone elses work. I will certainly supply to anyone that needs it and provide the name of the originial owner to anyone of you guys that would like it, it just believe that the one that did all the work should get all the credit, he did a very good job. Thanks, Jderden
  19. Lou, if your going to tell something, at least tell the truth, that is you can. I posted the note because I was willing to share with everyone, but wanted to notify as required that it was copywrite protected, (you need to learn how to spell copywrite- it is not corywrite ), It can be legally used for you personnal use but can not be published or sold. Lou you seem to be really sold on your self, but I guess we should allow for you, you seem to try, even if you articles about cleaning and dying leather are full of errors and you keep repeating yourself. I guess that is your only claim to 15 minutes, you know how that going, LOL, LOL ,LOL
  20. You are wasting your time trying to explain any law to this group, they don't understand.
  21. LOu If you understood the copywrite laws you would not ask such a "stuipd" question. Under the law I can copy for my own personnal use, but cant sell or dispearse it to general use, with out permission. Why dont you just shut up and quit showing haw stuipd you are.
  22. Thank you mtworkshop That is good info to know, my unit is defcective also. I have a copy of the instructions that was on line to change out the unit, and will share it, but I am not the owner or writer and do not know if it copyright protected, if the writer will give permission , will be glad to share. J.M. Derden
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