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  1. thanks for the feedback I am a total novice, so can I check this myself, or do I need to take it into the shop?
  2. My 89 Riviera is starting to do some strange stuff. 1) Car thinks outside temp is about 20 degrees cooler than it really is. 2) Voltage is reading high (15+). 3) Oil pressure averages around 80 and jumps to 200. 4) The dash lights will not dim. The switch has no effect on the lights at all. All these strange things started at the same time. The electrical system checks out fine (battery, altenator, fuses, resistors). The central digital control unit works fine except for these odd readings. Any clues?
  3. Ken, For my 89 Riviera, I found an AC/Delco A/C unit controle module at a parts store in Miami ($152). It installs above the blower to the left. Took me about 14 minutes to take out the old and put in the new. The blower now turns off when I turn off the car. I hope your solution is as simple. According to a resource book we were looking at in the parts store, some cars have a blower motor resistor, while some years do not. My year does not. Another consideration I had to consider is that my car (as most all Buicks) has climate control (set the thermostat and enjoy), and my car is completely d
  4. I have an 89 Riviera that cranks easily, but usually takes about 4-5 times to actually start up. This happens when the engine is cold. Once it is hot, it starts the first time. Before going further, let me add that if the car sits for several days (3,4+)without driving, it starts the first time. Thus far, I have replaced: the sparks the wires air intake sensor fuel pump pcv valve fuel pressure modulator. The car still does not want to start. There are so many sensors, that it's hard to know where to begin. Anyone had a similar problem?
  5. Ken, Sounds like I have a similar issue with my 89 Riviera. When I turn the car off, the blower continues to blow. I have pulled every fuse and every relay I can find... it keeps right on blowing. I have been told that it's the blower resisitor. Went to the dealership and they talked about a blower resistor (±$200) and a thermostat resistor (±$600). Called the local auto parts store and they seem to have the entire unit that NTX5467 talks about for around $150. An issure for me is that my car is totally digital with a single touch-screen controller for everythin. I will keep you posted and
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