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  1. I have a pair of used , but usable, plastic rear light lenses for a 49 New Yorker for sale. These are on UK e bay item 141081214235.
  2. I have a pair of used, but usable, rear light lenses for a 49 New Yorker for sale.These can be seen on UK e bay item no. 141081214235.
  3. Lead body filler how dare you !!! I did lube it and it did get worse and I now also use a stick to hold it up . Thanks for the reply.
  4. The hood of my New Yorker has lost the will to to stay up easily and has crashed down violently a couple of times ! There does not appear to be any way I can adjust it. Does anyone have an idea?
  5. I reinstalled the reconditioned water pump on my 49 New Yorker and now the fan makes a clicking noise ie its catching on the flywheel or something . Is there an adjustment I can make ?
  6. The UK is adopting a European Union rule of introducing 10% of bio ethanol in gasoline by 2013. I am aware that ethanol has been used in fuel in the US for some time. I would be interested to know what precautions I should take with my New Yorker based upon the experience of you folks in the US.
  7. I had exactly the same problem with my New Yorker . I ended up getting a Sykes Pickavant model 08250500 hub puller. This is a 5 leg puller that you bolt on to the drum with the wheel nuts. You need to be careful not to damage the thread on the end of the axle shaft - I placed a flat piece of metal between this and the point of the puller screw. You still need heat though. I used a butane gas blow torch used for paint stripping. The last thing you need is a fairly heavy hammer - a sledge hammer if possible. It's probably one of the most frustrating jobs on an old chrysler, but its very satisfying when you hear the "clang" when the hub is finally released. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for that. I now know that the capacity of the old one wasn't high enough which explains some of the starting problems I've had !
  9. I need to get a new 6v battery for my 49 New Yorker. Would anyone know the correct Ah rating for a battery for this car? :confused:
  10. I'm not sure if its any different from my 49, but my manual indicates that you remove the bezel, unplug the clock and then just undo the 3 nuts holding the clock onto the dash. I've never attempted this but I have removed my radio a couple of times and found that the only way to do it is to lay on your back in the footwell and get serious back and neck-pain as a result! A clock should be much easier though ?
  11. Thanks , but length of 25 1/8" surely cannot be right ? I would think 12" more likely .
  12. Would anyone know what the correct length of the brake linings should be on the rear shoes of my 49 New Yorker ( C46 )? Also should they be grooved down the centre ? my manual doesn't indicate this but a set one side is !
  13. Thanks everyone for the information - that's exactly what I wanted.
  14. Would anyone know exactly what the licence plate on my New Yorker would have looked like when it was first sold in 1949 ? The outlet selling it was in Louisa Virginia, but it was bought by someone living in Montpellier VA. I know the registration was CUT 591. Would it have had that on or CUT-591 ? What colour would the plate background and the numbering have been? Would the plate carry the year, if so where on the plate would this have been ? I would like this info so that I can get some show plates made as near as possible to the originals
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