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  1. I need a genertor,accelerator linkage (mounts to firewall) and the interior stainless on the frt. doors of a 48 Continental. Steve 804 3506691
  2. Many thanks for the help---- it went together just fine .
  3. I used the 5 little screws to mount the speedometer and clock to the dash along with one of the retainer rings . I now have one retainer ring and the chrome bezel along with the glass face left over. There is no visible way to attach these to the face of the clock and speedometer. What have I done wrong or is there another piece to the puzzle that I've miss placed?
  4. I pulled my 48 Continental apart two years and am having a few memory problems putting it back together.Right now I'm trying to put the dash back together and cannot figure out what holds the chrome retainer rings to the clock and speedometer faces.Any help would be greately appreciated. Also I need a postwar V12 flywheel if any one has an extra one. 804 3506691
  5. I'm restoring a "48 Continental and I'm in the process of puting the car back together.Could someone please tell me how or if the front fender welting goes around the upper grills. I 've seen cars with and with out the welting. If there is welting, is it continous from the front fender or a seperate piece.
  6. Thanks for the info---I think it worth the effort to pull the plugs.
  7. I'm restoring two post war Continentals at the same time.I've just compleated rebuilding the first V12.I could not find the head torque in any of my manuals,so I torqued it at 45 on the advise of a friend. Could anyone tell me if this is correct. I also heard that you must remove the rear freeze plug before cleaning the block or it would run hot. Well, I can't find a rear freeze plug and the engine is now together and painted.Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Would anyone know of a home plating kit to restore the original zinc look on bolts. I have a tumbler but the shine does not last very long.
  9. I've heard that some newer Ford clutches will work fine and can be bought locally Does anyone know which ones work and have you tried one. Steve
  10. I need a clutch for a '48 Continental and have heard that some later model fords are the same and can be bought locally. Could anyone tell me if this is true and if so what make and model.
  11. Could anyone tell me if the script on a 48 Continental hub cap came with red paint on the sides. Steve
  12. Could anyone tell me if the 48 Continental hub cap scripts came with red paint on the sides. Steve
  13. My 48 V12 is locked tight, I,ve tried everything emagineable to free it up.Does anyone on the east coast have a rebuildable short block or a good running engine? I'm in Richmond Virginia. Steve
  14. Does anyone know where I can find a rear hub puller for a post war Continental.
  15. Could anyone tell me if repoduction stainless is available for a postwar Continental and if so where
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