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  1. If it doest work out for you i do have chrome one from a 1963 riviera available all studs intact. Very clean PM me if interested.
  2. Hi Eric, Two questions for you where did you get the trunk liner and hoe much $$. I bought mine from Clarks it seems to have too much brown strans but this is me looking at it un installed( may be an optical illusion) Also who did you get the wood kit from I got mine from Cars and it has no finish to it, and it fit poorly. Thanks Eric
  3. xxxx911282 Build date 12c A friend of mine has a 11a build date dont know the vin#
  4. ejc65

    horn repair

    Here is an article that may help. 1964 Riviera trumpet horn Trumpet horn restoration
  5. I have a complete power track for a 65 riv pm me for details
  6. Those are not 100% correct because on 65's and other years as well the top of the "R" does not connect. See pic below (not my car)
  7. I'm in need of a heater a/c resistor I would prefer nos if available.
  8. It works but I would put a original one if I was going to keep it.
  9. Here is the link good luck Buick : Riviera:eBay Motors (item 130323166909 end time Aug-12-09 15:43:37 PDT)
  10. I was searching Ebay when I saw these hoses I remember a thread a while back and a few guys were looking for this kind of hose (molded & ribbed) if not it may have been an other forum. Either way here it is.63 64 65 66 67 RIVIERA PCV HOSE W/ MOLDED END & CLAMPS:eBay Motors (item 380130429509 end time Aug-09-09 12:58:09 PDT) 63 64 65 66 67 68 RIVIERA RIBBED HEATER HOSES CORRECT:eBay Motors (item 380130213030 end time Aug-08-09 14:14:41 PDT) 63 64 65 66 67 68 RIVIERA HEATER HOSE SET GM MARKED:eBay Motors (item 330336614929 end time Aug-08-09 13:09:58 PDT) I dont think the last link is correct for our cars but I thought I would include it. Now if I could just find color coded vacuum line for A/C
  11. I have one it doesnt have the best color but it is driver condition. I bought a NOS one for $375.00 for my restoration(ouch)
  12. Can I get a copy as well ejcan2@gmail.com
  13. I will post pic later today to giva a visual