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  1. I have reduced the price to $ 105,000 and would entertain a reasonable offer. We had it at Hershey and it attracted a lot of attention - probably one of the most photographed cars there! This is a special Auburn and needs to go to someone that will appreciate how nice and solid the car really is and yet enjoy driving it. It is an excellent candidate for the new CCCA Passport Program. Odometer shows 47,XXX and everything about the car makes us believe this to be the original miles. Thanks, David 704-564-5468 dpeeler5@carolina.rr.com
  2. Just posted my Auburn on the CCCA - Buy Sell forum. We will be at Hershey with it in spaces RCF 13-16. You can also call (704-564-5468) or email me (dlpeeler@wkdickson.com) Thanks!
  3. 1931 Auburn 8-98A Deluxe Phaeton Sedan Purchased from Jim Miller (Ontario) in 2010. Mr. Miller was known for his outstanding collection of original cars, many of which were auctioned at Hershey in 2013ACD Certified (A-507) with all original body, engine, and VIN tagsKnown ownership history back to early 1960’s and featured in Automobile Quarterly, Spring, 1967 (copy included)Original owner’s manual and copies of factory Service Manuals and Parts Lists This striking Auburn has never been totally restored. Cosmetically refreshed over the years, it appears to wear only its second coat of paint dating back to the early 1960’s and has its second interior and third convertible top from factory new. In fact, the body has never been off the frame as evidenced by how solid the doors close. The mileage showing is believed to be the original miles and the Auburn man radiator ornament is the original too! Since purchasing the Auburn, we have enjoyed touring in it and it is sorted and ready to go. With a complete tune up, complete new wiring harness, brakes adjusted, fresh tires, and radiator flushed, it runs and drives as good as it looks. With the addition of a new low ratio ring & pinion gears (inside the original rear housing), a hidden electric fuel pump (for back up), and seat belts for safety, it is ready for the enjoyment of worry free touring. The new rear gears were made by Phil Bray and the original gears will go with the car. It has a new leather interior matching the original, new correct convertible top, new runningboard mat and trim, and new stainless steel exhaust system. Price reduced to $105,000 - reasonable offers considered. David Peeler (cell 704-564-5468)
  4. Need help trying to complete the radiator to coolant overflow tank connection and had the following questions: 1. The copper line between the two appears to be 7/16" OD. I can't seem to find that size of copper line anywhere - does anyone know where I can find it? Will a 3/8" or 1/2" line work? 2. Are there any drawings or diagrams that show the routing of the line and are there are any fittings along the line? Any help would be most appreciated! David
  5. Thanks for all of the advice! I've done quite a bit of homework, but you really never can know as much as you should. I have found that there are a lot of great folks that have 101's (I am a member of the 101 Association and AMCA) that will share what they know about the bike from repairs to part sources. Still looking for that special bike - leads appreciated!
  6. I bought this XKR for my wife new in the fall of 2000 and now she says sell it (our daughter is getting married). It's always been in heated storage and looks like new inside and out. Yes, it has 9,500 actual one owner miles! What's the best source to determine it's market value? Thanks, David
  7. Still looking for: 1. Engine side pans with louvers 2. 1937 Twelve Data Book Thanks!
  8. Still looking for the following: 1. Rear bumper brackets for a trunk rack option (should fit a Twelve or Super Eight club sedan, coupe, coupe roadster, conv victoria) 2. Engine side pans with the louvers 3. 1937 Twelve Data Book Any leads would be most appreciated! Thanks, David 704-564-5468
  9. I have had the running board trim reproduced in German silver just as the originals were for the Model 34 (1916 to 1924). There are five pieces to a set, each 96" in length, enough to do both running boards on one car. They have not been polished, nor are the holes drilled or ends mitered, so you have the flexibility of a custom fit to your car. I only have 3 sets left and don't plan to make any more. Price is $300 per set plus shipping in an 8'+ piece of PVC pipe. If you are interested, please contact: David Peeler Charlotte, NC 704-564-5468 (M) dpeeler5@carolina.rr.com Thank you.
  10. Trying to identify this front bumper - name of mfg, place made, original pricing, etc. It is an "aftermarket" adjustable bumper that has been added as this Marmon didn't come with a bumper in 1920. I've only seen one other like it on a Packard of the same vintage. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, David
  11. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you Layden - much appreciated. David
  12. Looking for a manual (or other source) for adjusting the Stromberg H-3 carburator. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  13. Thank you! I'll give them a try.
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    Carl - I was having trouble getting the photos to attach to the PM and am not sure it went out. If you haven't received it, then please send another with your email address and I can reply that way. Thanks, David
  15. Still looking for the bar and brackets. Surely someone out there has an extra set?? Also looking for drivetrain parts (1920 Model 34B 7 Passenger Touring) for spares. One part or many - I'd be interested! Thanks, David (704-564-5468)
  16. Looking for the following: 1. Rear bumper brackets for a trunk rack option (should fit a Twelve or Super Eight club sedan, coupe, coupe roadster, conv victoria) 2. Trunk handle without sliding key lock cover 3. Engine side pans with the louvers 4. Wiper arms and blades 5. 1937 Twelve Data Book Any leads would be most appreciated! Thanks, David 704-564-5468
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    Carl, I have a pair of wind wings which I have been told were off a Marmon. I'm not sure of the year. PM me and I will send photos. Regards, David
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    2014 Marmon Muster

    Thanks Ricosan! I had hoped to go, but just too far from the Carolinas. I had heard about next year in Alabama and hoped it was true. My 1920 Marmon spent most of its life in the Montgomery area, so this will be a homecoming for it! Looking forward to next year's Muster - see you there! David
  19. While preparing to restore my 34B, I found that the running board trim (surrounding the linoleum mat) is impossible to find. Fortunately, I have been able to get it reproduced in the correct cross section and in german silver as the originals were. I will have a few extra complete sets made at the same time if anyone else needs a set. If so, please let me know. Thanks, David 704-564-5468 dpeeler5@carolina.rr.com
  20. Wondered how the Muster was going. If anyone has photos they can post, please do. Thanks!