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  1. I've been told there was a classified ad in the HCCA Gazette earlier this year for a 1915 Stevens-Duryea "parts car" located in Oregon. Does anyone recall seeing it and could possibly pass on the contact information?


    Also looking for anyone who might recall a gentleman by the name of John Ogden in the San Diego area that was a former owner of my 1915 Stevens. Please contact me if you knew him.




  2. Bob,


    If you are interested, I have a NOS pair of round back Trippe lights with the brackets still in the original boxes. I was told they are senior lights because of the diameter of the face but they do not have the leveling bubbles.


    They are very nice lights and I am asking $900 plus shipping.



  3. Does anyone know what the paint formula was for "Flake White" pin stripping on the '37 Senior cars? I'd planned to use this (per factory "specs") on the Centennial Blue body color and I have yet to see the flake white stripping on a car. Even color photos would be helpful if you had them. Thanks! David

  4. The more I see and read, I believe Packard clipped the cable to the plug wire tube. Now what do the clips look like?? There are 2 holes in the underside of the tube that the clips must snap in, but the shape must match the tube. In none of the photos does it show any part of the clip if you standing looking at the engine. Clips anyone?


    Thanks for all the help so far!



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