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  1. Still have had no success after continued phone calls, emails, etc......must be out of business! Unfortunately they were the only ones that were making the battery i needed.
  2. dpeeler

    Marmon 34 Parts

    Do not have the basic frame structure, but some bolt on parts. What do you need? Are you looking for a frame for a new project? If so, I do have an extra spare bare frame for a 1915 Stevens-Duryea D-6 similar to that in my other reply to your posting in the speedster forum.
  3. Here's where we're starting. It's a 1915 Stevens-Duryea 6 cylinder, 131" WB. Bought it as a parts car with the hood, front fenders, and cowl. Just too complete to part out and thought it would make a great speedster!
  4. dpeeler

    Marmon 34 Parts

    Most of what we have is for the Model 34 (1916 - 1923) with a few Model 74 and 75 items. There is a bucket seat, cowl, set of 5 - 23" wire wheels, Boflex front bumper, instrument panels, rear end, internal engine parts (pistons, rods, etc), etc. Have a real nice steering column (Model 74) complete with gear box and wood steering wheel. Have already sold several complete engines, wheels, spare carbs, coils and starters. We will be making a more detailed inventory and begin posting here after the first of the year. If anyone has a specific need, drop me a PM. Also, there is a run of rear brake drums being planned if we can get enough interest. If anyone has interest they should contact Lou Iaccino (518-828-5581). Thanks!
  5. Yes, found a highly recommended guy in the tidewater area of Virginia. This is fairly close to home and will be easier to monitor progress. Will post photos when completed. Thanks for asking! David
  6. For the last 2 weeks, I've tried calling and emailing, leaving messages everywhere I can and get no response. Are they still in business??
  7. Not sure what will cross match other than the typical like spark plugs, magnetos, etc. Fortunately, I have found a very talented one man shop that can make most parts needed sooner than later and that will keep me on the road while I continue to search for originals. Had not checked the PrewarCar route, but will do so - much appreciated! David
  8. Count me in on the tag as well - very nice detail! David
  9. ...the journey is always a challenge, but making new friends along the way makes it worthwhile!
  10. Ed, You are exactly right! This is actually one of 3 short wheel base cars known to exist and came to me as a "parts car". It (1915) was the last year of real production and there were estimated to have only been 500 made. It was a very complete rolling drive train (less the body) and I'm looking for a few remaining parts before adding the speedster body. I've never tackled such a project and it's been a lot of fun so far! Cast the word out....leads on any Stevens-Duryea parts from 1913 to 1915 would be appreciated! Thanks, David
  11. Looking for engine, transmission and rear end parts for a 1915 Stevens-Duryea 6 cylinder restoration. Most parts from 1913 to 1915 are interchangeable. Leads very much appreciated. Thanks, David (North Carolina/704-564-5468)
  12. Anyone know how to reach Ken? I can't seem to connect now and we were discussing parts for a Stevens-Duryea. Thanks, David
  13. I would agree and could go either way with the other parts that are mounted close by. I guess I was concerned about the plating process and wasn't sure brass (or gold) would "take" to stainless??
  14. I have a few small dash parts that are stainless steel and need them to be brass. Can stainless steel be brass plated and will it hold up over time? Thanks!
  15. Thanks Fred for the reply. A PM has been sent to your email address. David
  16. I need a brass plating shop to plate a number of small pieces on a brass car I'm doing. I thought it would be like finding a good chrome plating shop....but finding out it is far different! Chrome plating shops won't do it and color consistency, environmental issues and just plain pricing seem to be the issues. My "go to" chrome plater won't touch brass and even suggests going with gold plating...which even at the extra cost, doesn't look exactly like brass! Has anyone had good luck with a brass plater that they can recommend and what is typical turnaround time and general pricing?? Thanks! PS. I'm not referring to brass restoration, ie. headlamps, etc. but actual brass plating of non-brass parts.
  17. Looking for the wheel brake cylinders and master cylinder for a 1961 Rolls Royce. Are there any US based parts houses that carry these and other 1961 mechanical parts? Thanks, David
  18. Yes. I'm looking for a larger diameter tank than what they offer and have resolved to have one special made.. Thanks, David
  19. Layden - Attached is a page out of the Instructions Manual. It was a Stevens-Duryea carb and the first year for a left hand drive. David S-D Carb.pdf
  20. Looking for the person that is making oval gas tanks and the "dogbone" filler caps for a speedster project of mine. I've heard there was someone in the midwest but don't have contact info. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  21. Finally was able to talk with Tom, owner of Prairie, and he had been a little under the weather. They are going strong and I was impressed with his knowledge of the "art" of porcelain coating. He'll be getting the manifolds I need done. Thanks to all that weighed in on this thread. David
  22. Does anyone know if Prairie is still in business? I've tried calling the number listed in Hemmings for several weeks only to have to leave a message and never get a call back. Looking for a reputable place to have a couple manifolds porcelainized. Thanks, David