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  1. Brad,

    I just took my '44 MB (in full military colors) to the Charlotte Spring Meet and they put me in Class 22C - Commercial Vehicles under 1 ton 1943 to 1966. Not a problem except I was in with a mess of pickup trucks from the 50's and 60's which made no sense at all. Given that, I would agree that 22B is where they would have you....but AACA really needs a military class for WWII!


  2. Still need the following for my '29 roadster:

    1. Left side engine head (with HC and 53 in casting) - would prefer a pair of matching heads if available

    2. Left rear Buffalo hub that bolts on to the brake drum

    3. Rear bumper (long set of 2 bars)

    4. Oil filter - modified to insert a modern twist on filter while retaining the original outside appearance.

    5. Any tools that would have come with the car originally (have a hub wrench and jack)

    Any leads would also be appreciated! Thanks, David

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