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  1. We're getting ready for a spring oil change and need to change out the oil filter this time as well. I know of the mod kits out there that hide a modern spin on filter, but they are rather pricey and may require changing some of the plumbing lines. I've also had someone tell me to find an original filter, but have never seen one at a swap meet nor do the normal part suppliers carry them. I'd also be concerned about the paper media inside being so old that it might create more problems than help with filtering. What is most commonly done and who has the parts? Any help would be most appreciated. I looking forward to getting the "old girl" back on the road for the new season. Thanks, David _________________ David Peeler 1929 Cadillac 341B Roadster 1931 Auburn 8-98A Phaeton 1944 Willys MB Jeep 1947 Ford Coupe 1953 Willys Station Wagon 1959 Corvette
  2. Still looking - anyone seen one lately?? Thanks, Dave
  3. Other contact info: email dlpeeler@wkdickson.com cell 704-564-5468 Thanks, Dave
  4. Looking for an older quality restoration of a convertible sedan that would make a good touring car. Must be complete with original engine. Prefer a car with a known ownership history and be ACD certified. All leads followed - thanks! Dave
  5. Brad, I just took my '44 MB (in full military colors) to the Charlotte Spring Meet and they put me in Class 22C - Commercial Vehicles under 1 ton 1943 to 1966. Not a problem except I was in with a mess of pickup trucks from the 50's and 60's which made no sense at all. Given that, I would agree that 22B is where they would have you....but AACA really needs a military class for WWII! Dave
  6. Still need the left engine head with the HC and 53 casting (Model 341B). Thanks, David
  7. Have located the Buffalo hub, but still looking for the other items. Anyone have an '29 owners manual? Thanks, David
  8. Need a left side Buffalo hub that bolts to the brake drum. Would like a full set (2 lefts and 2 rights) if available. Also a rear bumper (2 long bars) suitable for show plating. Thanks!
  9. Still need the following for my '29 roadster: 1. Left side engine head (with HC and 53 in casting) - would prefer a pair of matching heads if available 2. Left rear Buffalo hub that bolts on to the brake drum 3. Rear bumper (long set of 2 bars) 4. Oil filter - modified to insert a modern twist on filter while retaining the original outside appearance. 5. Any tools that would have come with the car originally (have a hub wrench and jack) Any leads would also be appreciated! Thanks, David
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