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  1. The 625 list is on page four. Again mine is the 9637. Since non of the other 625ers have a manual choke I'm kind of at a loss. Can you convert an electric choke to a chokeless?
  2. Ha! You know what they say about assumptions... Well, I assumed the intake was for a 66 since it was painted red but I got around to looking up the casting number and I think its a 64!!! 1357106. Confirm? If so can I use a carter afb that I already have (9637)? If so, what do I use for the front carb? I haven't been able to find a matching chokeless carb from the same series.
  3. The link is public and takes you straight to the gallery. Thanks for the info y'all, sounds like its really involved and discouraging for someone who's never done a setup like this. :confused:.
  4. Yeah and who knows how long it PO had it before me. I bought it in 07. Thx!
  5. Okay my last post didn't go through last week so I need some more info. The carter is a 625 and I'd like to just get another afb if that'll work. Really I just need to know where I can get all the parts I need and details on how I . Please check out my photo album-the engine is featured on the last few pictures of the album. Let me know if you see anything that needs to be replaced or modified. MSD Dist Finned Valve covers with a modified ac bracket up front https://www.facebook.com/ryan.wicker.355/media_set?set=a.1161694398354.2025551.1107645965&type=3 Thanks in advance y'all!
  6. Hey All, just wanted some opinions on a battery replacement for my 64. My current one is at least 8 years old and is tired. The only research Ive done is looking at reviews of the yellow top optima. Most of them have not been good sighting that once production moved from Colorado to Mexico, the quality went down. Anybody really happy with their battery?
  7. Hey All, Just when I thought I was done with the engine, I got a smoking deal on a dual quad intake of a 66 for my 64. Supposedly the air cleaner is on it's way and I'll start work on restoring those two pieces. Other than that I have no idea what I'd need to plop this bad boy on the block and get the most out of it. I have a carter afb (650, I think) currently on it a stock intake and a polished finned valley pan under that.
  8. Barbarella is pretty much where I want her. I few more details to get sorted out.
  9. Thought some of the non-facebookers would enjoy this.
  10. I need a timing cover compatible with a 425 nailhead. Its going on a dressed up engine, so the cover needs to be in good enough shape for polishing. Thanks! Ryan
  11. Hey All, Well a bit of time has pasted since I was able to focus on the 64. Between moving to Colorado, working on a new/old house and such Barbarella didn't get much attention. HOWEVER, the last few months have seen some progress. Here's the list: Engine bay painted, engine pulled and rebuilt, engine painted, polished finned valve covers, vally pan, and air cleaner. Exhaust painted, chassis painted, brakes overhauled, interior pieces painted and dyed red, installed raamat sound and heat block, window fuzzies installed, chromed front and rear bumpers, new carpet, steering wheel professionally restored, new trunk cardboard So I'll post some pics when I get a chance. I'm looking for a timing cover since mine broke upon removal. I've seen ta performance's and buickrodder on eBay. I want to either find a good original that I can chrome or polish or find a repop that would be close to the price of having an original shined up. Any suggestions?
  12. Hey Everybody, Does anyone know how much the interior of a 64 Riv needs as far as Lizard Skin or a Dynamat material? Please let me know if you have used any of these products and what the results were. Thanks! Ryan
  13. Hey All, Anyone know a source for a replacement timing cover? When mine came off, the mounting points got messed up. 1964 425.
  14. Colorado is great Jim! lots to do and its just so beautiful here. My view from my living room is the Rockies. Its kinda cool to wake up to that everyday.
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