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  1. All wood is good, I do on occasion drive the car, undercarriage is all good---perhaps dirty. I can take any pictures for serious buyers. Thanks for asking. Mike.
  2. Very nice 1926 model 27 Standard Six, older restoration, rebuilt carb, new gas tank, runs and drives well. routinely wins 1st or 2nd in the local non-Rod shows. 14.300 or trade for newer sedan driver. Mike in the St. Louis area. 618-410-0335
  3. For sale, very nice 26 sedan, runs and drives well, very nice older restoration, routinely gets 1st or 2nd at the local cars shows (non all rod shows that is) 4 owner, have the original bill of sale, new gas tank, carb rebuilt. Mike in the St. Louis area. 14.300 OBO, thanks for looking. Mike 618-410-0335
  4. Got them apart, heated the opposite side flange from the picture---it expanded enough to pry it off, then cut 4 spokes and it was easy from there.
  5. Well after some more head scratching and some scraping I realized that the larger hub was part of the flange on the race side--had thought they were the other way around. We did cut 4 spokes and was able to get them apart. Heated the flange that was on the wheel side and it expanded enough to pry it off.
  6. Sorry, need a new camera I guess.
  7. Hope these pics will help me get a reply.
  8. Here you go, hope this helps me get an answer. Mike
  9. 50 plus views and nobody has a comment or tip ? Perhaps a dumb question but don't want to hurt these parts---there aint many out there.
  10. I am trying to take my 1916 Maxwell wood wheels apart, how do I get the hubs to split ? It looks like there is a split wheel bearing ring captured in there---do I press one side off, I don't want to mess anything up. Thanks for looking Mike.
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