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  1. I think you will make the Regional with a new ride and a new Bride !
  2. Hey Adam, I know its been damm hot---any progress though ?
  3. As far as I know you can get primer tinted what you want, good job Ben---glad she is being enjoyed instead of sitting looking sad !
  4. Have not checked in for a while, glad to hear you are still making progress Adam--everytime I do have a couple minutes to look here, for some reason I cant wait to get home and work on my junk !
  5. Thanks Adam, it is amazing how now I want to go scrape crud off the 38! (I needed some motivation)
  6. I believe Paul Meyer has a dual carb setup for a 42 for sale---not cheap if I remember though.
  7. Glad to hear you are rejuvenated after a vaca, that will help you melt that credit card !
  8. That one looks to be in much better shape than Adam's
  9. Nice car/trailer/boy Mike, good luck on the resto.
  10. Congratulations, I love that color combo. Hope to see it somewhere ?
  11. Sorry to hear of the collapse, hope the insurance company dont give you trouble.
  12. Looking good, get some tires and wheels and a steering wheel on there and you could sit on a milk crate and make some V-8 sounds ! Whats the next project, as this one is coming to a close fast !
  13. Glad to hear the adoption is official---congratulations.
  14. The best part---I notice in all the pictures lately, no more piles of rustdust !
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