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  1. Finally I had success this weekend. I got all the tires mounted, inflated, and installed safely. After seating the non-notched end of the rim, prying about 180 degrees out from the start point did the trick. Then I just followed the rest of the rim around until the whole thing clicked in. Stepping on the rim with my foot seemed to help a lot as I went around too. Thanks again, Dave
  2. Thanks for the input. I will try some new techniques this weekend and let you know how I make out. Dave
  3. This is my first time deaing with split rims. What is the best way to get them back on once I have my new tires seated on the wheel? Any specific way to bend them? Thanks, Dave
  4. Hi, I'm 21 and working on restoring my 1925 DB Touring car. I'm on the gas tank and was wondering if anyone has any tips on cleaning the inside. The outside of mine is great and cleaned up very nicely. It was covered in layers of paint which protected it so now I've got it down to the clean metal. Seems very solid from visual inspection. From what I can see inside there's a nice thick brown sludge sitting in the bottom and moves like molasses when I tip the tank. So far I've tried several days of dumping in lacquer thinner and letting it sit overnight which seems to loosen and liquify some of it but it's a very slow process. I'm afraid of using acid, which I understand works well if you seal the metal immediately, because I don't want to burn through anything and I can see there are a few soldered leak patches etc. Also what size tires should I put on the touring. I have the 20 inch split rim disc wheels. My mechanics book has a few different sizes but I'm wondering if one is more readily available or better than the others. Any help is appreciated, Dave Holden, MA
  5. Hey Thanks, that's a huge help! Dave
  6. Where wood spoked wheels specific to model years or were they pretty much the same for a few years around 1920? What model years will fit my 1920 touring car? Are there different sizes I need to watch out for. This is my first dodge project so any help I get is greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave
  7. I'm going to be looking around for a set of fenders for my 1920 touring car. What years, if any, besides 1920 will fit this car? Thanks Dave
  8. Hi I'm 20 years old and recently got a complete 1920 Dodge Touring Car in need of total restoration. It had apparently been sitting since 1946 or so in a barn in Texas. I live in central Massachusetts and you never find a car that has been sitting like condition this is in. The body is great, nice and straight and solid with just surface rust. I have the top irons but the wood bows are mostly gone. I'll need to find some patterns or something for those. It doesn't run at the moment but the engine does seem to turn over freely. Both front fenders are in really rough shape (looks like it wasn't stopped in time at the end of the garage or something) and I was wondering how many model year dodge fenders will fit this car when I start to search for some. I must admit I haven't really done much with the car since I got it a few weeks ago because we're moving to a new house this month but I hope to get into it this winter. My other question is- I can't seem to get it into any gears. Its like its stuck in neutral. My friend who has a 1925 dodge touring car said he has a transmission lock but I couldn't really find one on mine. I tried rolling the car and using the clutch and putting pressure on the shifter all at the same time but nothing. I'm not worried right now because I'm going to take it apart but just wanted to know if there's anything I'm missing. I have seen some pictures of Dodges with and witout head light bars. Mine doesn't have one and I don't think it ever did, just brackets mounthing straight up from the fenders. What is the deal with this? Also I'm looking around right now for wooden spoked wheels for this car. It came to me with 1928/1929 Ford Model A wheels that were "adapted" to the dodge with home made wooden plywood hubs. So if anybody has some I'm interested. When I was 15 I got a 1930 Model A pickup after cutting many lawns that I'm just finishing up restoration on. So after the Model A I decided to find a Dodge so here I am. Any help is appreciated, Thanks Dave
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