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  1. Well i am against repo bodys. OK on fenders ,running boards splash shields but a total body no way for judging unless they start a new class for NEW MANUFACTURED CARS. In point -you take a repo roadster body and its in the SAME CLASS as a 400A Convertible Sedan ,180A Deluxe Phaeton,68-A,B,C ALL Cabriolets and last 35-B Standard Phaeton and is it FAIR to the owner of these other cars that there is not a repo body made and only a roadster??? .I attended a A.A.C.A.judging school class where this was discussed and the speaker said the repo roadster will do better then a ORGINAL RESTORED roadster because for the body in better shape with no signs of body work??? OK that does not make sence.WE are now to Manufacture cars and NOT restore them?????? NOT VERY FAIR TO OTHER OPEN CAR OWNER in the same class. FUNNY no one yet gave me a [FAIR] answer.
  2. I did a Standard Roadster 1930 / Grand National A.A.C.A. Award [399 points]1990,MAFCA of EXCELLENT 1988,MARC Henry Ford Award 1990.Plain Jane except cowl lights. Cover story and cover on the RESTORER Mag [MAFCA] March/April 1989 issue 6. Roadster with a TRUNK. AND passed up 3 times for a FORD AWARD a.a.c.a./ Go figure. I know of only 4 super standard roadsters ever done. NONE of them we 1931 VERY RARE and i new of a LATE 1931 Standard roadster w/ trunk unrestored super- out in longisland n.y.
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