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  1. There is perhaps no finer engine sound coming from an aircraft than a Packard built Rolls-Royce Merlin powering a North American P-51 Mustang. Brings chills to this gear head ....
  2. Todays question: Never having done business with or made any inquiries, I found it odd that I began receiving emails from AAG or the Auto Appraisal Group. Upon further examination, I see AACA Director, Mike Jones picture in one of these emails. Has the Antique Automobile Club of America sold or made accessible the email address data base to this outfit based on his ties to our organization? I don't recall getting other emails related to my forum participation in the past.
  3. Lebowski: I once drove a vintage car, a 35 year old Pontiac (at the time) from PA to NC. Just like you, I had the need for adventure. Flew up to PA on a one way ticket before that one way ticket bought you extra scrutiny from the TSA AND before I had a cell phone. Everything worked out fine, car ran beautifully, the weather cooperated and I received a lot of thumbs up as I drove my 'new' car home. Got it in my drive way where I had to get the car into my side-loader garage, requiring lots of steering (manual) to the stops. Heard a pop - then the steering wheel free-wheeled in my hands. The 'rag-joint' broke with pieces laying in the drive....!!! I just drove this unfamiliar car over 400 miles, at freeway speeds and narrowly avoided a BIG EVENT that had all the elements of a fatal accident. It may burn a lot of fuel, take longer and not satisfy your inner-self, but take it from me, towing a trailer to and from the seller and hauling your vintage prize home is far better than a trip to the hospital or the morgue .....
  4. That might have been me & my brother my bike :cool: in 1957 - Burlington, Wisconsin. Looks like a Nash in the garage and possibly on the right too.
  5. At car shows, I am frequently am asked this same question, particularly when I show my GTO: 'How much would you take for it...?' When that is the first question out of the individuals mouth, I usually respond with; 'How much money do you have..?'
  6. A tout pourquoi il y a (un) parce que.
  7. Mayor Bloomberg, please pass me my larger than 16 oz. sugary drink please .....
  8. They must run these trains only in daylight. I don't see any headlites on any of 'em ....
  9. Goldfinger. I remember the day well. The year was 1964 and I was 15. The guys were all abuzz about this movie and I almost got to see it when it just came out. That was until my friend Otto blurted out the screen name of actress Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore) in front of my mom. I watched as my friends walked to town to watch Goldfinger without me....
  10. Regarding Volvo selling the car division: Volvo also sold 'Volvo Aero' to a British company, GKN this past summer. It appears they are focused on commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, construction machinery). Makes one wonder how long Volvo Penta, their marine power systems division which serves among others, the pleasure boat industry, will be part of the Volvo family. Here is a quote from the Volvo web site regarding the sale of Volvo Aero; '...a step in further streamlining the Volvo Group toward commercial vehicles'. While it must be a loss of national pride having the ownership of Volvo Cars leave Sweden, something we are learning about here in the States with Chrysler, at least the marque survives and carries on much of the Scandinavian design philosophy and product differentiation.
  11. Just curious - maybe one of you folks can chime in and explain this: Ford bought Volvo and GM bought Saab in roughly the same time frame. One Swedish car maker continues (under new ownership), while the other has passed into history. Why then did Ford have the (apparent) wisdom to leave Volvo largely alone, retaining much of its Swedish identity, while GM worked hard to destroy same?
  12. 'Rat' Motor ..... Chevrolet 396 (and beyond) 'Porcupine' head pavement rippers.
  13. My friend, you are preaching to the choir ... !! I live in a subdivision that has a dues collecting, board of governors 'association' with covenants for all to obey. A great idea, if all follow the rules and a way to protect against owners who don't care about appearances. I will be the first to admit that I cross the line and violate one of the covenants by my one yearly infraction. Here it is: I own a Cobalt 25' runabout and if I have to say so myself, it is slap beautiful on it's custom/matching tandem axle trailer. Each year when it comes out of the water for the season, I trailer it to my home to winterize and clean it up for winter storage, where I have access to water, power and tools. Try as I might, I can't haul it out, trailer it home, perform all the mtce. & cleaning in a days time. So it sits in my driveway over night. While it is there, I get alot of thumbs up and comments from the dog walkers and folks strolling by - never one complaint in person. In less than 48 hours, the boat is trailered to storage. Within a weeks time I get a registered letter from the association telling me which covenant I violated and how far I have fallen out of grace, yet a consistant set of other 'neighbors' can't seem to mow their yard, edge the grass, park as you are supposed to and limit the number of cars that can be parked over night on or near ones property. Then you have 'neighbors' that throw lawn clippings, yard debris, etc. over their fence on the common property and in full view of others sharing that same common property. Some 'neighbors' have so many cars that they park them on the grass next to the garage where a few of them have sat unused for months with grass/weeds growing up all around, now thats a nice look.... So John, I'm with you. Our next home will not be governed by anybody but the two of us...
  14. In use for almost 50 years; Super Sport.
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