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  1. Regarding Volvo selling the car division: Volvo also sold 'Volvo Aero' to a British company, GKN this past summer. It appears they are focused on commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, construction machinery). Makes one wonder how long Volvo Penta, their marine power systems division which serves among others, the pleasure boat industry, will be part of the Volvo family. Here is a quote from the Volvo web site regarding the sale of Volvo Aero; '...a step in further streamlining the Volvo Group toward commercial vehicles'. While it must be a loss of national pride having the ownership of Volvo
  2. Just curious - maybe one of you folks can chime in and explain this: Ford bought Volvo and GM bought Saab in roughly the same time frame. One Swedish car maker continues (under new ownership), while the other has passed into history. Why then did Ford have the (apparent) wisdom to leave Volvo largely alone, retaining much of its Swedish identity, while GM worked hard to destroy same?
  3. In use for almost 50 years; Super Sport.
  4. You do not have the Fish Carburetor - You have the DOOMSDAY MACHINE......!!!
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