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  1. Thanks for the update. I also have a NOS coil which I have to install and try and a NOS set of points. I hope to get after it in Sept./Oct. I am also going to get a new set of old spark plug wires made to ensure I have good connection. Lets keep in touch...I also note one of the guys on the site has a parts book and illustrations that he will ship out...may be helpful. Rick
  2. 17 Studie...sorry for the long delay...winter in Canada is no fun and not much work was done on my 16 Roadster. Short answer is while their is a local museum here with a big restoration shop that thought they might be able to fix my original relay I decided to do what others have advised and I bought a 6 volt cut-out relay. My roadster is in show room condition but I am having trouble getting spark still (see my above post) so I have to find time to get after it. BTW...my Studie was built in Brockville, Ontario, Canada and shipped to Australia...it is right hand drive!!!!! Rick.
  3. Hi Ken...sounds great...I have shipped you a private email via this website (to your profile) to discuss compatibility and possibly shipping me a photo. I really appreciate your offer and certainly hope it will do the trick...most of the early 6 volt systems were fairly generic. Look forward to hearing directly from you...let me know via this website if for some reason I didn't connect through your profile. Rick.
  4. ANY pre-war techies out there??? I have a 1916 Series 16 SF Four Roadster that was occasionally not getting starting spark. Some troubleshooting made me think that the generator/battery 6 volt "cut-out" relay located on the engine firewall was not engaging. This little beast according to my 1917 DYKE's manual allows the battery to provide energy to the high tension coil for the start and then once the generator is running it cuts out the battery and the generator takes over duty providing energy to the coil and even hopefully charges the battery. Normally when you turn the ignition lever to start you see a discharge on the charge/discharge dial and that was not happening. Upon opening it up inspecting the relay it looked worn and was remaining open and could only be engaged by pushing down on the sole set of contact points inside. I did get the discharge indication as normal only when I physically engaged the contacts which sat on a floating plate between two terminals. Thinking maybe it needed cleaning I opened the thing up and after the explosion of wires I dicovered 2 sets of lengthy wire windings and there is no hope in putting it back...besides the relay is worn...only 91 years old. I would like to find a similar part...or at least something that would work. My Studebaker manuals don't tell me much...I don't think this is a voltage regulator as this era didn't have them as far as I know...but the wires must at least have sensed generator current when the engine started and switched off the battery. Any ideas on a NOS item or something compatible would be much appreciated. The starter is a Wagner, the generator a Wagner, the distributor a Remy...this relay has no markings or numbers. Rick.
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