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  1. The time has come to sell. Details here. For Sale: 1963 Buick Riviera
  2. Thank you, but not sure what you mean by "hard line"...
  3. If anyone can please confirm the inside diameter of the tank-to-pump fuel line on a '63, it would be greatly appreciated. I have the manual...not seeing it anywhere...
  4. Got a set last year...finally cleaned 'em up and now ready to put 'em on. Are there any tricks I should know so as not to scratch anything? Just slide-on, ya?
  5. Cap says "do not overfill", but what would constitute "overfill"? Mine was rather low, so I filled to where it covered the whatchamacallit inside the reservoir. I'm assuming that's a sufficient level.
  6. Done! Thanks to everyone for the info and encouragement. Only wish I'd have charged up the mini vacuum...
  7. Awesome pictures...thank you! Judging by the drilling locations, it looks like I'll need to get my car onto a hoist and have the rear wheels removed to complete installation of mounting hardware, correct? If so, is there anything else that would need to be cleared out of the way while accessing the underside?
  8. Thanks, folks. I've has the belts since last fall...very happy with the colour, and yes, they're aviation style! I've debated for many years as to whether or not to install, but now, it seems like the right thing to do.
  9. ...in my '63, is there anything important placed underneath where the drill bit will come out...like, a brake line?
  10. Speaking of buffing out, this is good to enjoy with a coffee...or beer...or bourbon. That Will Buff Out
  11. I have some 1963 parts...don't know if they're salvagable or scrap. They all have personal issues. A) A wheel that's slightly out of round, or dinged. It doesn't hold air. 2 used water pumps (3-vane). I tried connecting with a rebuilder that a lot of people recommended...he was retiring...but the e-mail trail went cold. C) An optikleen bottle that's chipped on the top. You can screw the top on and not see the chip, but it leaks when it's on its side. Chuck 'em, or does anyone near Vancouver Canada want 'em? I have no trouble tossing them. (Would feel slightly bad about the wheel, though, as it's from the the spare that came with the car.) Or, will trade for a large double-double Tim Hortons coffee. And a donut. Make two donuts.
  12. For that, someone should take it away from him. I say we strike at midnight...