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  1. Does anyone make new sealed beam headlights,6 volt, that would fit of cars of the 40's to mid 50's?
  2. My father told me that back in 1928-29 or so his public school teacher, an unmarried middle aged lady, had a new Auburn.I wondered how a schoolteacher could afford such an expensive car.My father told me that they were told that she had won it in a contest.Anyone ever heard of such a contest?She was a teacher in a school on Canal Street in New Orleans,LA.
  3. I recently acquired a Sun X18 timing light,usable on 6,12, and 24 volt systems, and a Sears 2110 tune up tester, supposed to be usable on 6 or 12 volt systems.I presume that these are both usable on my 1947 Plymouth,flathead 6?Anyton familiar with either of these vintage tools?
  4. I acquired a Sun model X18 timing light,usable on 6,12, and 24 volt systems,and a Sears model 2110 tune up tester,supposed to be usable on both 6 and 12 volt systems.I assume that both of these can be used on my 1947 Plymouth, flathead 6?
  5. Thanks to all of you for the assistance.I wonder if there is anyone who would like to swap this part for a correct P15 distributor?I presume that those would be much more common than the one that I have.
  6. The 1947 Plymouth I recently bought came with a distributor other than the ones mentioned in the 1946-1952 shop manual.It is marked model 644U Chrysler Motors Solar Spark Ignition, Delco-Remy.No vacuum advance,and never had one.What looks like a metal dial on side.Saw a similar one on ebay except marked IGC4501-1Auto Lite,Chrysler Corp. Solar Spark Ignition,that came out of a 1939 Dodge truck.Why no vacuum advance,and is this usable on my Plymouth.It is not currently running.
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