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  1. de-dressed the motor and firewall.


    I was able to get my finger to the freeze plug at the rear of the block, it disintegration. So  I got to pull the motor at least enough to punch out the rear freeze plugs and replace them and repaint the block. Gonna do brass plugs this time.


    I'm thinking about trying to pull the motor, trans, torque tube/axle forward as a unit in lieu of splitting it at the torque ball as it isn't leaking so I want leave it alone. Plus I need to repaint a lot of stuff under there anyway.


    My concern is how close the motor is to the firewall when I pull it up I will need to be very careful it goes up straight.



    Here are the rest of the photos from today's progress  and a video of the compressed air clean out of the water jacket...that was "Fun"


    both freeze plus here shot



    de-dressed motor each side



    floor boards and trans mounted stuff (pedals, parking brake , etc) removed to allow everything to shift forwards






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    12 minutes ago, Pete Phillips said:

    Where is this located, Brian? Not Beverly, Massachusetts--I used to live and work there, and never saw a building like that.


    I will get you an exact answer in the AM, but I have an original of that artwork. It was done by a Detroit architect (no doubt a GM/Buick image architect of the day) but as I recall it is Beverly Hills.

  3. Kept going on the 30 today it was good to get away from the crisis that has been my work all week, though I was "on call" all day, some false alarms but no major scares today, which is REALLY good news.  Not going to go into detail but been a tough week keeping stores open.


    Any way finished up the suspension  that I could as I need new leather for the upper control arms. But i got them all ready to go back on except for that. I also got the the front brake linkages clean up repainted and reinstalled but not connected yet to the drums. Sorry no pictures of that.


    I know that I need to have the radiator chrome slats redone as the chrome is flaking so net set was to remove the radiator. I didn't know if there was still coolant in it and couldn't get the pi-cock open so I decided to simply take the lower radiator hose loose and see if coolant would spew... it didn't...




    So I removed the radiator



    I by chance touched the freeze plug on the head and it did this



    I checked the others and the two on the side of the block also failed the one in front of the block was good but i decided to replace it. I also decides i needed to de-dress the motor for a clean up and repaint



    My concern was weather there are freeze plugs on the back of the head and block against the fire wall here



    So I used my endoscope and  sure enough

    Head                                                                                                                                                                                            Block



    So I'm gonna pull the head. I don't know what to do about the one on the block. I really don't want to pull the motor. The one in the front was good, so???? I think I will flush it and see if I can see if it is leaking any. Also with the head off and after the flush I can get the endoscope in for a better look at it.


    Tomorrow I will de-dress the rest of the motor and pull the head, but then move on to something else. I want to conserve cash for a bit so engine re work will have to wait for engine paint, freeze plugs, gasket set etc. to be ordered once I am confident we are past the worst of this mess we are in.


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  4. Steve,

    Can you remind us the policy on registering for the Grand National in the same year as receiving a senior award. I had hoped to get a senior in Charlotte and then taking that car to Allentown. Now they are a bit close together and I do have a different senior car I can take to Allentown so not an entirely big deal, but a refresher course would be nice when you have a moment. Thanks for all you and everyone in the office and on the AACA BOD are doing as no doubt you are in the middle of a thankless large shuffle of work.

  5. Since the kids didn't have any soccer this weekend and there are absolutely no sports on TV and I mowed the lawn and work on the 2021 Website and everything else I can do I decided it was time to get going on the 30, which I had been lacking motivation to begin.


    Now getting ready to be Corona-quarantined so who knows I may get a lot done.

    Image result for coronavirus meme beer


    I started with a sympathetic restoration of the front suspension.


    Here are the before pictures










    And then Progress photos














    And this is where i ended the day.









    and here is what I learned


    1. The passenger side shock is leaking and or not functioning properly

    2. the front bolts for the shock were not correct for size and thread

    3. I had to stop while putting the tie rod ends back in the back plate rods. The studs of the tire-rods are just spinning as I tighten the bolt, not sure how I will solve that one

    4. the leather on the "upper A- Arms" was brittle and will need to be replaced, so I haven't installed those back yet

    5. I'm not exactly sure the purpose of the wire contraption thing on the tire rods (currently in the bottom right corner of a couple "after" photos. it seems to bolt around the tie-rod and them rub against the front axle.

    6. I still have to put all the cotter pins back in and hook up the brakes (but got to repaint all those rods and linkages first).





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  6. 1 hour ago, Matt Harwood said:

    Installed the radiator, connected the hoses, installed the temperature gauge and fitting, and started filling it up with coolant when I noticed this in my box of nuts and bolts:




    Goddammit. I guess I'm done for a while with these accursed cars. I'm tired of doing every job two or three times. We'll use Melanie's cars this summer. Mine are all f*cked.


    Pretty sure it the bottom side of the spring for the bypass valve, unfortunate but not the end of the world. Take a break have a stiff drink and you'll get back to it eventually. We've all been there.

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  7. Been to these down in the Gulf Coast of FL (where they started) and the food is great on of my must stop places when I go to Tampa for work. They were supposed to put one in here around the corner fomr the house ( and down the street from the 2021 National site) but I guess it fell through has we got a strip mall of useless retail instead. I live in hope...

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