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  1. WTB I know I can buy a new set but the other 3 are near mint condition and I am trying to reuse old original stock parts in restoring car. call me at 919 607 2388 or daveagain909@aol.com
  2. '63 Buick (full size Buick) doesn't have to be a Riviera) rear end w /3.23 or 3.42 ring and pinion? I'm about searched out. Continental U.S. is fine, My email is daveagain909@aol.com
  3. Mike I spoke to Greg johnson and he told me I should buy a new set, Not what I wanted to do but that is what i will have to do. Thanks for lead Dave
  4. my 1940 buick special 4 door sedan has the trim code 800 on the Plate, what color and material does that mean? the car is paint # 547 (Yosmite Grey)
  5. I have a 1941 grill both sides, center chrome that goes between grill sides, and both hood openers, (both sides) in pretty good shape plese let me know if you are interested in buying any of these parts,
  6. sorry picture I attached does not show the letters hood is open. but that is where they go.
  7. I could buy a new reproduction set but would like to get the original missing letters if possible. again I am missing the "g and h" from the driver side of the hood that reads eight, If anyone has them please get a hold of me here or at my personal email at daveagain909@aol.com or call me at 919 607 2388 thanks in advance Dave The picture is of a complete set from a example model car I am using.
  8. My car has 3 good aluminum original thresholds but I am missing the front passenger side one, I can buy a new set but would rather just get a used good one to replace. If any one has one , and would like to sell please let me know, my phone number is 919 607 2388 and my email is daveagain909@aol.com Thanks in advance
  9. got my key made, only need one key for all locations. ignition , doors, trunk, glove box, all using the same key, I removed the glove box lock and took it to our local locksmith, he was able to make the key via use of experience, now everything is cool. Thanks for all the help I got from the forum members. Thanks again Dave
  10. I am having a problem with the connection of the gas pedal to starter, The car starts fine by pressing down on gas pedal. ( i am assuming that is the correct way to start i am a new car owner) the key is in the center position. then after starting, when trying to rev engine by just stepping on gas pedal the starter engages again ,even with the car already running. my ignition key is still in the center position. am i doing something wrong or is there some problem with the connection of the pedal to starter, that needs to be fixed or adjusted? please advise.... 1940 buick special wit
  11. coker has the tires probably 650/16 tires, wide white walls just a bit less than $210 each for bias tires Search results for: '650-16'
  12. good idea i will look around car for a hiding plac, does anyone know for sure that this year car has only one key, I seem to remember that cars of that era had 2 keys one for the ignition and one for the doors trunk and glove compartment, Is that correct? or is the one key fits all comment correct, (i hope so)
  13. does anyone know how to get a new set of keys for a 1940 buick special. The women I bought the car from thought she had the keys (she is 91 years old) but they are not the right keys, she had over 20 40's cars that she has sold now, and that was the only set she had. is there someway based on the vin # or spec plate that would help in making the correct set of keys. HELP
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