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  1. got my key made, only need one key for all locations. ignition , doors, trunk, glove box, all using the same key, I removed the glove box lock and took it to our local locksmith, he was able to make the key via use of experience, now everything is cool. Thanks for all the help I got from the forum members. Thanks again Dave
  2. good idea i will look around car for a hiding plac, does anyone know for sure that this year car has only one key, I seem to remember that cars of that era had 2 keys one for the ignition and one for the doors trunk and glove compartment, Is that correct? or is the one key fits all comment correct, (i hope so)
  3. does anyone know how to get a new set of keys for a 1940 buick special. The women I bought the car from thought she had the keys (she is 91 years old) but they are not the right keys, she had over 20 40's cars that she has sold now, and that was the only set she had. is there someway based on the vin # or spec plate that would help in making the correct set of keys. HELP
  4. My 38 does not have the sidemount spare tires, can reproductions of the sidemounts be found?
  5. I just bought a 38 olds 6 cyl 4 door sedan, I am just starting to do some work on it, mine seems to be in pretty good shape having been restored 10 years ago and then left on blocks in a barn, It has a gooo paint job, new interior, new tires (10 years old now) but right now the engine is not running, My mechanic seems to feel the engine is in great shape and will get it running in a week, it was probably rebuiilt 10 years ago also. . The car is 99% complete with most of interior trim not installed but most is there, I think. It is interesting watching your rebuild, I am getting a lot
  6. found the lever, fixed the seats by lubricating. Boy was that lever hidden, but once you find it is easy to understand.,
  7. Rattadudes, A friend of mine and I who both have 1990 convertibles with 16 way seats have read about the release button, Looked for quite a while on both cars and it is not there. could it have broken off or is it just not there on the 16 way seats? I will look again but I am sure it is not there. I will also check my hardtop which does not have the 16 way seats and see if they are there. I will let you know Thanks dave
  8. THAT IS A REAL CATCH 22. Anyoene have any ideas what to do?
  9. my 1990 convertibles seats will not push forward, I cannot get direct acsess to the cubby holes behind seats I understand that there are suppose to be seat releases making it possible to release seats if they are stuck as mine are , but cannot find them (I checked 2 convertibles now and they do not exist) Both cars have 16 way seats. What am I missing?
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