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  1. Thank's for the input wayne any pics would be great.
  2. Can we use it for next weeks lotto numbers ?
  3. Does anyone know did buick ever run an ad with special coupe or a century coupe.All I've ever seen are 4 door models Thanks Ken.
  4. I took one of my emblems's and 600 grit wet sandpaper and lightly tried to sand across the raised letters with the paper on a block to keep it uniform. In very little time the color changed to what looks like brass. I've spent many hours buffing my stanless trim so I'm pretty confident what I have is not stainless either brass or copper wrapped around a steel core like the nose emblem either way I think it will have to be platted. Thanks for all the input and if anyone else has any it would be welcomed. Ken
  5. Thank's for the info I will take a closer look maybe all I have to do is buff it and paint it.
  6. I have the 37-38 story and found it to be very well done and very informative. It is soft cover spiral bound,got it about 4 yr's ago and actually just pulled it out the other day to browse thru I'll look to see if I have any contact info.
  7. If this emblem is like the nose emblem it's copper wrapped around a piece of steel ( I believe ).
  8. Thanks Ewing when ever you get the chance that would be great. Thanks agian Mark for the photos you sent.
  9. Can you tell if the duller parts were painted or just not polished Thanks Ken
  10. Hi I was wondering if anyone knew if the special emblem on the hood vents are chromed before detail painting or can anyone tell me how they restored theirs Thanks Ken.
  11. I agree it's a shame it was a top notch magazine.
  12. I know I asked this month's ago but has anyone heard is the magazine defunked . Since I sent my renewal in I never got an issue is that money gone. thank's ken
  13. My next set of updated pics
  14. Hi can anyone tell me where I can get some rear shock upper retianing clips thanks Ken
  15. Awsome car I hope mine looks that when It's done. How did you do your special emblems on the side vents ,did you have them chromed and then painted , also could you include a close up shot of one of them Thank's Ken
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