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  1. John, I have two British cars which use the metal straps. The capillary, or brake line or whatever, actually goes inside the 'butterfly" part of the strap. It is placed on top of the strap, then the strap makes a wrap around the pipe and places the butterfly on top, then another warp, and then through the slots in the ears and under the butterfly, and then folds back onto itself. Harder to explain than do. Looks neat when done. I assume they would be similar on your Buick. Attached are a couple of photos- disregard the color change of the strap due to the flash.
  2. John, good story !, but you left us hanging-what happened to "Rover" ? :confused:
  3. I am going to offer some experience on removing coffee stains from a new Buick carpet that has a light tan color carpet. Coffee had splattered from the armrest holders and there were several quarter size spots. I mixed some OxiClean per their instructions, and dabbed it on the stains, and then blotted it up with a clean towel. The stain disappeared and the carpet color was untouched. Worked perfectly. I bought the OxiClean at Walmart. The materials and dyes may be different now, but it would be worth a try on a small area.
  4. You may have more success looking up the values of Paige automobiles as the Jewett was really a model of the Paige. This link is long and may have to be cut and pasted in but it has a little info: http://www.wcroberts.org/Paige_History/1922_Paige.htmlbiles
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