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  1. Check this posting on Ebay 1961 White 4264s Promotional Brochure Guide Manual | eBay
  2. Disregard the distance estimate above ---had wrong state- was looking at Mo.. Still may be worth a call and the trip.
  3. Tom, I don't know where you are located in Kansas, but the Renu website shows a location in Knoxville, Iowa, about 50 miles north of the Kansas border. I would start over, and give that location a call and investigate the warranty, as it implies to me that it is a lifetime warranty on the tank. The situation may be like state license plate bureaus- it depends upon your luck of the draw as to the cooperation of the person waiting on you. Be nice and don't relate the previous conversations
  4. John, I have two British cars which use the metal straps. The capillary, or brake line or whatever, actually goes inside the 'butterfly" part of the strap. It is placed on top of the strap, then the strap makes a wrap around the pipe and places the butterfly on top, then another warp, and then through the slots in the ears and under the butterfly, and then folds back onto itself. Harder to explain than do. Looks neat when done. I assume they would be similar on your Buick. Attached are a couple of photos- disregard the color change of the strap due to the flash.
  5. John, good story !, but you left us hanging-what happened to "Rover" ? :confused:
  6. August, there is a restored 1918 Rauch and Lang Brougham BX-7 in the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Salisbury, NC, USA. John, I do not see your photos, and do not know how much difference there is in the 1918 and your 1912, or if this would be of help to you.
  7. Ford : Other Super Deluxe in Ford | eBay Motors
  8. Originally Posted by Restorer32 Back in the day you could usually predict the weather in the flea market by the aroma. If the smell of chocolate was particularly strong that meant that the wind was out of the East and rain was likely. Having attended the fall Hershey flea market and car show for almost 40 years, I was always trying to determine when it wasn't going to rain :^)
  9. If you have a driver and are like Bamford's Garage and don't mind people touching your car, put a Wet Paint sign on it and have a little fun watching people.
  10. You may be correct about the grill being a lamp. This car appears to be a special display for Cibie ( painted on the rear fender) which is a French lighting company.
  11. The Rebuilders Choice brand pistons are sold by Kanter Auto Products New Products: coated pistons for vintage cars | Old Cars Weekly
  12. Even a color blind electrician can work on this Model T as the wires are all the same color :^)
  13. It seems that you have made a hybrid as "you would want it"- now you can have the pleasure of figuring out your creation. Coming to a site of "purists" for answers to a standard setup will not help, especially if you don't want to change anything. ;^)
  14. Lincoln : Continental Deep Black, Triple plated chrome,Excellent stainle Lincoln : Continental Deep Black, Triple plated chrome,Excellent stainle | eBay
  15. Ask at the board meeting if the moderators are supposed to be Nannies ;^)
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