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  1. Everything happens for a reason JD, even wrong turns. You were just meant to stop here.
  2. It sure looks like a great trip so far. I wish I had more time to spend with you at the National. Sorry I missed Derek, Larry and Mark. I already miss that old beast.
  3. Thanks to all for the advice. I'll take a look at it this week and see what happens. This car has been a real money pit and I have so much invested in it now I can't afford to get rid of it so I'll have to drive it.
  4. I have a 1990 Reatta and the antilock brake light is on and won't flash codes. I know I should be concerned but what should I look for. The brake pedal is up and the car seems to stop just fine. Don't worry, I'm not driving it!!!
  5. Thanks Bob, that's the email address I have for him but it was returned as unable to deliver. I thought I had it right but I'll try again.
  6. Dan Cook

    Jim Finn

    I'm looking to buy parts again and don't have Jim Finn's current email address. Can anyone help ?
  7. Sorry I didn't get back on here for a few days, been out of town. The car isn't too far from you....Montague, CA, near Yreka. The owner is Dan Weimers @ 530-459-5321 or dweimers2@snowcrest.net He's a great guy and won't try to take advantage, known him for 25 years. I've seen the car and it's very nice.
  8. Not mine but I know of a 1950 Plymouth for sale and can get someone interested in contact with the owner. I know it is all original with just over 32,000 miles when I saw it last. I'm not sure what he is asking but I know it's less than 5K.
  9. I know a guy with a 36 Chevy pickup (restored) for sale.
  10. Somewhere out in the wood shed there are a half dozen of the old black and yellow plates. Guess I should try and find them.
  11. What luck and just in the nick of time since it was already on the truck. You're right, they are only original once. Not having the air conditioner working shouldn't be too much of an inconvience in SF. Kind of like here.........nice to have for a couple of months of the year.
  12. "So? asks the sweet Voice Of Reason. I blurt that I could get rid of the Buick and the MG and be happy for the rest of my days, if only I could bring this magnificent automobile home. Yeah, right, sniffs VOR." Rob, you just aren't using your God given talent of lying to the one you love. The way I see this really isn't a problem and there is no need to miss out on an opportunity to buy the car of you dreams. First off, buy the Packard and ask the owner if he can store it for you for a few months ( your Voice of Reason will never need to know ). Once this is complete search for and buy an ol
  13. Some how I missed this. Saw it this time and a card is on the way. Dan
  14. I started using Star Tron Solution last year in everything. I started with it for my small engines, lawn mower and such and figured it would be good for the old big engines. Seems to work alright. Dan
  15. I might have the one for the 89 I owned. I don't think it went with the car. If I find it I will keep you in mind. I still have your info. Dan
  16. You smooth talkin' devil Rob. That's really an attractive offer and tempting to say the least but I'm just afraid you wouldn't respect me in the morning. I might go where I can get more bang for the buck or Loonie for "our" Riv. If I decide to go after that other Riv I'll let you know if you might be interested. I don't think it would take much to get it running again. I can PM photos. I would only want a few things from it that are better than mine and you could have what's left for a few Loonies. Dan
  17. Thanks Ed, I'll start doing that. I got the catalog from Clark's Corvair Parts and got a leather sampe from them. I was surprised at just how much they supply for Rivieras. Dan
  18. Sometimes it seems a guy doesn't stand a chance Mark.
  19. If you want them make an offer, I'm open to about anything within reason. Dan
  20. When I start collecting all these small parts for the interior I will probably have to use the internet. The closest GM dealership is 100 miles away since the one on this side of the mountains was one of the ones GM closed down. I'm finding a lot of these things aren't that hard to find. The one thing I need and haven't found yet is the script that says Riviera that is on the lower front fenders forward of the doors. Dan
  21. Thanks Barney but I'm not looking to buy, I want to get rid of the wheels I took off the Riviera I bought. Dan
  22. I have always loved the look of those 1950 Buicks.
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