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  1. Actually some of the varieties of Spam aren't too awfully bad. It sure beats the Navy days when the only variety was straight Spam, fried Spam, Spam on a shingle etc. Turkey Spam is about the best now.
  2. Brian, your Centurion looks as great today as I remember it several years ago when I visited with my sister. It's really something special to have two fantistic cars that you can say that you know their history and have owned through most of your adult life. Thanks for your story and thanks again for the privilage for seeing both of your beautiful cars together. Dan
  3. I axked mi nabor abot wut u sed en he sed u r prolly rite.
  4. Jim asked me to bring a Reatta.
  5. Yeah Mark, I remember some of those expressions. I grew up in Warshington on Hood Canal. When I joined the Navy in '66 I found owt there are places that it doesn't rain 11 months in a year. I'm still not that far away, right on the Oregon border, and still get up there at least every year. I just like the high desert. I'll be in Bend for the cruise May 31st.
  6. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: brh</div><div class="ubbcode-body">To add to Southern Illinios, a couple of my favorites: Ask what time is it and response is "pretnear 3:00" What the heck is pretnear, 2:45? and last but not least you warsh your car. Seems you need to add an r to wash. Don't get that one either.</div></div> If you had ever been Warshington State you would know there has always been an 'R' in there.
  7. I was wondering the same thing about all the posts form anonymous. He sure has alot of reattas. Now if they are all individuals and each was a member that would boost things a bit.
  8. Just a few photos of Brian Laurance's 71 Centurion and my 72 Limited while visiting him at his home in Puyallup, Washington toward the end of September.
  9. You might be right. I hadn't thought about that before. The car was bought in Grants Pass, Oregon. I can remember that at the time Grants Pass wasn't much of a city. I used to get gas there occasionally while driving from San Diego to Bremerton, Wash. when on leave in the Navy. Now Grants Pass is an upper crust retirement city with some of the old stars like Jack Elam and Kim Novak. Anyway it must at least had a Buick dealership since the lady that bought it new lived in Klamath Falls, Ore. That is about 120 miles one way. Klamath Falls is a growing city but they still have signs posted
  10. Just a word about odd things people would order in their Electras back in '72. You know I have mentioned the 72 2 Door Limited I have. With this car with most of the options offered at the time, why would anyone just have an AM radio?
  11. I stumbled on to this Electra in a run down small car lot in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
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