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  1. Both organizations are struggling in a existential situation, and need to be free to pursue the best strategy for each. However, to the extent that the museum continues to add value to the club’s mission, there is no reason to cease support for the museum, as the regions and joint members have been doing, and should/will continue to do so. Club action to withdraw support now seems to be a financial management decision based on Club board assessment of the prudent path forward given the current state of affairs. Club members may appeal to their board members to reconsider, and make this issue pertinent to future elections. However, experienced members clearly understand that the AACA board is a club within, whose membership is largely determined by their own selection of board candidates, and who will not disclose results of board elections. Policy and practice of the AACA are stuck in the past, and are positioning the club at continued risk with regard to future growth. The claim, often repeated, that the Club is governed by elected board members is misleading in that the members at large are not participants in the candidate selection. The result is that the claim that action "is always in the best interests of the members" must be tempered with the understanding that that interpretation is made by a small number of board members who never have polled the general membership. That being said, in my experience, there can be no doubt that Steve Moskowitz and members of the board have contributed enormously of their time , knowledge, and wealth to the benefit of the membership. However, like Mr. Beck, I would like to see more transparency on Board policy, and the policy platforms of all candidates prior to elections. Finally, absolutely my last word, I do trust the decisions made on this issue, wish the museum well, support the Board to use my funds wisely to expand and improve facilities and plan to enjoy my association with you all moving on.
  2. On-line judges registration is working well with the ability to buy the breakfast electronically. However, those who register on-line are still required to mail a SASE to get a confirmation and parking pass, if needed or attend an early judges school on site to get a pass. All other on-line stores will send a purchase confirmation automatically by e-mail. This should be added to our registration process, in which case a parking pass could be added for local printout. All in favor?
  3. Steve, did not get a judges' parking pass after registering on-line for Hershey. What is the deal?
  4. Interesting to note that the language in the Guidelines booklet on page 91 of the 2010 version, preceding the passages quoted by Susan, appears to now be incorrect. Acording to that paragraph a vehicle is elegible to attend an AGNM one time only - the year following the year that it was awarded the national meet Senior Award. The changes in 1992 that open the AGNM for multiple levels: Senior, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and multiple Repeat Senior awards offer the "opportunity" for unending attendance at AGNM events.
  5. Some pics. New and refinished stuff on hand, but scattered - pics later as I assemble.
  6. Peter, Here is the MS Project Template. It has some of my data in it to show how I use it. Of course a user must have the MS Project program installed to use this. Project is a pretty expensive program, but prior versions will run this at lower cost. There is another product to do this from Nigel West (UK). Try: http://www.restoration-manager.com/catalog/ 20783.zip
  7. OK Guys, About 30 days later. disassembly is completed, all parts tagged, bagged and registered in the tracking program. Chrome is 50% new, rechromed parts are finished, chassis parts are refinished ready for assembly, tranny is rebuilt and ready, engine is in final machining with all parts here, axle is out for gear conversion (don't tell!), and I am focused on body prep for refinishing. I am now distracted by work as registration chairman for the 2008 Spring National Meet so I expect some delay and slow pace for the assembly process, especially since I want all the fasteners to be correct, and I will have to sort hundreds of pictures to find the ones I might really need. By the way, I figure I'm making at least the same wages as I would pay for professional restoration mechanics. At least that keeps me motivated!
  8. OK all you pessimists. I should have mentioned that I have done 2 Austin Healies and 3 Jags over the years with a wide range of costs depending on how much I did myself, varying from nearly all myself to nearly all by others. Given you'all's challenge, I promise a complete accounting. These 50's and 60's British sports cars make good projects because nearly all the parts are readily available, often within 1 week of order, at reasonable prices. In this case I paid a premium to get a good car to start with that will pay dividends in schedule and cost to complete. Look me up at the Lake (Cumberland Spring Meet)in May (I'm the registrar for the rest of the story.
  9. Microsoft Project is a widely-used computer program for planning, tracking and reporting progress, costs, resource usage, etc. for projects and programs of nearly any scope. A template is project plan set up for a specific type of project with blank data so another person can insert their own info. I found dedicated data base programs available for car restoration projects that cost several hundred dollars, but decided I could do the same thing in Microsoft Project at no cost since I already owned that program. Anyone who wants to use the template would also need to have access to the Microsoft program, of course, since it is also relatively expensive to buy.
  10. My project is a 1955 MG TF-1500, last of the T-series. Currently all disassembled with the frame ready for refinishing. The pro shops quoted 2 years and $50,000 for a show quality restoration. What with $18,000 to buy a really solid car to start with, that seemed unreasonable, sooo! All is going well after I developed a Microsoft Project template to track all part removal, condition and planned restoration, storage location, outsourced work, etc. I found local shops competent to do all the mechanical work and plenty of sources for the parts. Any AACA member interested in the tracking template is welcome to it.
  11. Looks like first experience using the new software package. I'm wondering if other registration chairs and chief judges that will be using this system would like to open a forum topic to share experiences and questions/answers? We could have the developer monitor for quick help as problems surface.