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    Had many cars through the years and never finished any projects
  1. back to the top still for sale $125 i believe it's a drivers side check the curve in the photo
  2. back to the top still for sale air cleaner $25
  3. I just posted 3 Buick's for sale when i noticed i never did a intro i've been a AACA member since 2007 posted on the Buick forum etc. mainly i'm a GM guy with ties to 53 Studebaker coupe & Hawks I came to the realization i'll never get all my favorite cars done so i sold all the Studebaker's and now selling off all the Buick's sold all the Pontiac's My 50 Olds 88 coupe is my keeper i hope to have it running before summer is over I had one in high school stick with solids and a later 4 barrel & manifold had great times driving it selling off lots of parts when i find them to make this a reality just love that 88 it's got the look
  4. I'm selling all my Buick's - there just west of Minneapolis Mn 1954 Buick Century Yellow & Green 2 door ht $1,000 - firm 1954 Buick Century Maroon & White 2 dr ht $1,000 - firm 1955 Buick Special was Green??? 2 dr ht $1,500 - firm before primer after primed it to help protect from rust the cars are priced to sell - i'm never going to get around to them the prices listed are what i want the titles & parts are worth the money Both 54's have current Minnesota titles - 55 has a old western title the yellow 54 ran as did the 55 - the other 54 is stuck but has the best 54 body Yellow 54 is from Kansas the Maroon 54 is from North Dakota/Montana area - good floors the 55 is from Wyoming high desert - good floors the photos are old but there cars look about the same interested contact me - Thanks cars are located about 25 miles west of Minneapolis Minnesota your transportation cost could be $500 to $1,000 if your some distance from here
  5. nice & solid $50 -- - back to the top
  6. heads up - January 6 2013 good till January 9 2013 here's the deal i'm going down Interstate 65 south bound from the Minneapolis Minnesota area to get a front seat with my car if there's interest in the parts below i'll take my truck 1950 Pontiac 2 door sedan sheet metal - a pair of front fender no trim on them they look good to me in the pictures he said there in very good condition i may buy them ? the price would be $100 each fender - gets me a little gas money thirsty truck you nice fenders interested i can send a photo I'll be going back thru Chicago along Lake Michigan to Milwaukee Wisconsin thru Madison the Dells into Hudson Wi to the Minneapolis area Rich mention aaca on the email buickfever@yahoo.com
  7. SOLD 1949 Pontiac club coupe a running Straight Eight standard transmission built in South Gate California have old California registration stub - has current Minnesota title the coupe is quite solid body wise it does need front pans only so if you need a project for $3,500 dollars here you are located 25 miles west of Minneapolis Minnesota contact Rich at 612-868-9377 email - buickfever@yaho.com
  8. 1950 Roadmaster 320 Buick air cleaner still for sale nice solid piece - needs a snorkel to complete
  9. Buick convertible molding still for sale interested - email Rich buickfever@yahoo.com
  10. SOLD Selling off some of my treasure 1950's Olds Wonderbar radio could fit other years also came out of a North Dakota body shop Oldsmobile Wonderbar radio for sale $100 offers considered couple of photos this radio came out of a dry body shop it's clean that's all i know about it i can post more photos if your interested contact Rich at buickfever@yahoo.com
  11. for sale 1950 BUICK 320 air cleaner solid needs a new snorkel it was used on a restoration project http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa293/ZZ-IRON/DSCN3038.jpg
  12. No longer looking for these cars found one. Thanks Looking for a 1928 to 1934 Pontiac Two door Sedan complete & with title - good condition - project ok The car is for my friend located near Minneapolis Minnesota