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  1. I just posted 3 Buick's for sale when i noticed i never did a intro i've been a AACA member since 2007 posted on the Buick forum etc. mainly i'm a GM guy with ties to 53 Studebaker coupe & Hawks I came to the realization i'll never get all my favorite cars done so i sold all the Studebaker's and now selling off all the Buick's sold all the Pontiac's My 50 Olds 88 coupe is my keeper i hope to have it running before summer is over I had one in high school stick with solids and a later 4 barrel & manifold had great times driving it selling off lots of parts when i find them to make th
  2. Very Nice Chrysler coupe Nada price 1930 Chrysler 77 2 Door Business Coupe <table id="ctl00_ctl01_ucValues_tblSummary" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1"><tb
  3. Hi, I'm Rich in name only been a AACA member since 07 just got back on the forum today i had log in problems which Peter solved for me - Thanks Peter So i've been checking out the threads and posts and listing Olds parts this morning you might call it spring cleaning I have had well over a hundred cars most not running a few drivers through the years currently have 8 and have decided to sell off all but 2 maybe 3? I've chased all over the USA putting on many miles and seeing the country from coast to coast but that's over with ran out of space and can't get anything done on what i have
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