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  1. Hi Battaglia, I have a 1934 Buick 66C that was restored 2008 to 2013. The restoration included replacing all the wood. I have a few photos though I don't know if they will help you with your 1394 model 67. A few years ago, I posted some of them on Flickr.com. If you go to that website and search "1934 Buick 66C", you should find several photos of the woodwork. I think I have more too - actual paper photographs. If you think it might be helpful, I could go through them and take e-photos of them and post them on Flickr. Good luck with your project.
  2. Nice '32 - cool styling. The Classic Car Database website has a few details about your model: http://www.classiccardatabase.com/specs.php?series=230&year=1932&model=2412
  3. If you decide to look into an enclosed car trailer, check out Montrose trailers in Michigan http://montrosetrailers.com or Jimglo trailers in Arizona https://www.jimglo.com. I have a 20' enclosed Montrose trailer for my 1934 66C. The all aluminum trailer weighs slightly more than 2000 pounds - much lighter than steel/wood trailers. Of course it costs more but you get better mileage, and the reduced weight is easier on the tires and brakes. I tow it with a diesel Cayenne (which has a 7700 pound towing capacity) and get about 15 mpg while towing (and almost 30 mpg when not towing). (VW Tou
  4. My 1934 66C - at Ephraim Hill Climb and Concours (WI) in Sep 2015
  5. The '34 Buick front end is very elegant looking. While I like fog lights, I love the look of my '34 without them. I also don't put a front license plate on my car because I think it looks better without it (even though they are required in Illinois where I live). I also have rarely driven my car at night so I don't need them to improve seeing, or being seen after dark. Just my 2 bits and I like the look of '34 and '35 Buicks (and other years too) with or without fog lights.
  6. I have a 1934 60 series steering box - leftover from the restoration of my 66C. I don't know if this was different from a 50 series. Mart
  7. Hi Bob, I just saw your post. I had my 1934 66C completely restored, completed in 2013. All the wood was replaced. I have paper photos but if you are interested, I could take some e-photos of the paper photos and send them to you. Mart
  8. Sorry to hear about Dave's passing. Dave and you guys in his shop did a fabulous job on the complete restoration of my '34 Buick 66C which was finished in August 2013. If you need any photos, I'll be happy to send some. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  9. On the data tag for 1934 60 series, does anyone know what the various 3 digit trim numbers were, and what the numbers represented? I appreciate any help. Mart
  10. According to the Classic Car Database Classic Car Specifications, Engine, Wheelbase, production numbers, VIN numbers for Antique Cars, Classic Cars, Vintage Cars and Muscle Cars For 1934, Buick frame numbers went from 2706453 to 2777649 For 1935, 2777650 to 2830898 For 1936, 2830899 to 2999496 Based on this, it looks like your friend's frame, #2874267, is a 1936. See also the BCA judging manual which can be accessed from the BCA website. http://www.buickclub.org/BCA%20JUDGING%20MANUAL/BCAjudgingrev2.pdf According to the judging manual, wire wheels were available from 1922 to 1935. I don't kn
  11. Thanks Mike. I sent Sandy an email with some of my questions. Merry Christmas.
  12. Gentlemen, thanks for you comments. My car is a 66C. It will be painted in a restoration shop. I've heard of purists objecting to anything but lacquer. And I love the look of a high quality lacquer paint job. But it seems much more practical to use a more durable type of paint. I want the car to be a blue originally offered by Buick in 1934. I have some Dupont color cards for 1934 Buick. There are many blues for various models, though none are specified for the 66C on the few sheets I have. There are 2 nice dark blue listed for the 56C. It seems like one could have ordered a blue 66C. 2
  13. Hi Marty, Thanks for your welcome and response. I like the color of your car. Is that one of the blues Buick used in 1934? And is your interior a blue or gray? Thanks, Mart
  14. I mean the exterior paint (so I just clarified the title). Thanks.
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