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  1. That 3 wheeled (British?) vehicle in the lower left should be easy to identify.
  2. The front green car looks like a Scarab (or that car from the Czech Republic) and the silver car in the lower right looks like a Pierce Arrow Silver Arrow.
  3. The blue paper on the inside gives it a Packard-ish kind of look and based on the way it opens it might have been used on a Club Sedan or similar design. 20s or 30s would be my guess, but there wer a lot of after-market makers of these trunks as well.
  4. Gotta be a toss up between a 61 Corvair and a 70 something Pinto. The Corvair tried to kill me in more ways then I can count. The Pinto was just an all around miserable piece of crap.
  5. Cars of that vintage frequently had a "mother in law" seat in the back. Maybe the ol' gal put on some weight. Just a thought...
  6. Don't forget a guy by the name of Bugatti
  7. Anyone notice its parked in a handicapped zone? Maybe for the car instead of the driver.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. Sorry I didn't get back sooner but work got in the way. I hate when that happens... I checked and the clutch did need adjusting. It did have excessive play and I noticed the car started to move as soon as I let off the clutch. So I adjusted it and I have about an inch of play before I feel pressure when disengaging the clutch (just like I'm supposed to have), the clutch does not engage as soon as I start lifting off it and before I have the clutch fully released I can feel that the clutch is fully engaged. So, no slipping clutch. BUT... Still grinding. No
  9. I am looking for some parts for my 26 Packard Club Sedan: 6 primer cups dogbone for the rear spare tire Any suggestions? The car seems to be a little too old for Kantor, Max Merritt or Henry Yeska. Thanks in advance. Jerry
  10. I can't quite blow up the front hubcap to make it out but it might be a hexagon. If so, the car might be a Packard. But again, I can't make out the front hubcap. If it is a Packard then based on the drum headlights and short hood (er, bonnet), I'd say mid 20s 6 cylinder.
  11. I would go with a second series 8 as well, based on the drum headlights, the sun visor (separate with supports and not a continuation of the roof) and the long hood (8 as poopsed to a 6).
  12. Thanks B, glad I could help!
  13. West, thanks for the heads up. One problem is that the 34s were synchromesh but the 26s weren't. But thanks again. Tom, what was your problem and how did you fix it? Please don't tell me you had to rebuild the transmission...
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