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  1. Must be enclosed transport. Some flexibility on the timing, and the destination can be either Zip 33982 or Zip 17011. Let me know if you can help by emailing thanks.
  2. I need a flywheel to replace the cracked one in my 1909 Chalmers-Detroit model F. Other 4 cylinder flywheels in the early years (1908-1911?) my also fit it. Might buy other spares for this car, but the flywheel is the urgent need. Thanks.
  3. I need to try to find a fywheel to replaced the cracked one in my 1909 Chalmers-Detroit model F. I believe a 1908 is identical, and possibly a few more recent years. May want to buy other parts as spares for my car, but the main need is a flywheel.
  4. If you can help, please call Curt at (941) 661-6726. Willing to pay $700. Thanks.
  5. I am interested in your Cunningham, can you please call me at 941-661-6726, thanks.
  6. I am a steam enthusiast/collector, always looking for steam cars, projects, parts, related items. Please contact me at (941) 661-6726, or email to: Thanks, Curt Fullom