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  1. We have six rims for sale. Make offer
  2. front quarter needs painting, but seems to be in good conditon. Where are you? Dru
  3. give me a couple days to get together with you on the details. We had a death in the family and are swamped with activity. I will get on it as soon as we get the all the services and relatives back to normal. Sorry for the delay. Dru
  4. I want to give Colin a chance and then if he does not want it, I will definitely talk to you. Thanks, Dru
  5. Thanks for reply. Give me a day to talk to my husband and I will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks Dru
  6. Ours is in perfect condition and we are asking 250. for it. If you want to give us an offer we will be open. I will wait to see about the other two you mentioned. Dru
  7. I pulled the trunk lid opener. Are you still interested? What will you give me for it. Let me know. Thanks. Dru
  8. I do have that headlight, but the cornering light broken. Does that matter?
  9. I do have the rear reflector lens. What are you offering for it? Dru
  10. I will talk to my husband. We are in San Diego. I will let you know. Dru
  11. There are not cracks on the console. My daughter has been out of town and will not be back until Friday if you still want us to take it out of the car and get a picture. It is in good condition. Dru
  12. my steeting wheel is not worn but the leather seems a bit rough on the top. Conditioning my help it, I will see what I can do. Dru
  13. Jerry J., I will have to look at mine to see what condition it is in. I think it is fine but not sure. Will check tomorrow. Dru
  14. Colin, I will check tomorrow and let you know. Dru
  15. Fred T, I guess the color is called ginger. Could you please describe what is included in the rear console? Thanks, Dru
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