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  1. -StillOutThere- I agree with you 100%. I did decide to put the car on eBay, but if it doesn't sell I will be working on it as much as I can. I am a relatively young guy and have been in this business for a long time. I love going to shows, but I do get excited when, after walking down row after row of perfect cars, I come a cross a car with tons of character and patina. If it does not meet my reserve on eBay I am going to get it running with the current drivetrain. I think the 289 and 3 speed will be a lot of fun in that car. I will also do the interior wood. Driving it like that will certainly be a sight to see.
  2. Thanks for the responses. -W-Higgins- Super nice work on the rust repair! I have been going through the car more and have been pricing materials. This is a super dry car and a perfect candidate for restoration, but I just don't have the resources to do it right now. So I have decided to either sell it or wrap it up and store it until I can do the job. I plan on posting the car on eBay this weekend or next, but I figured it wouldn't hurt getting the word out here first. Here is a short description of the car besides what I wrote in my initial post: Dry, dry, dry California/Arizona car. A little rust in the outer rockers only. No rust in the front fenders, floor, quarters, tailgate, etc! This car literally has one day of rust repair to do. It needs all new wood, both inside and out. The drivetrain is not original. Currently it has a 289 that turns over and a 3 speed stick. I have not tried to get it running yet, but was told it was driving when it was last parked in '73. This is a great car to restore, but needs everything. Here are a couple of fresh pictures after a day or two of cleaning and buffing.
  3. I've owned 12 Cummins so far and have wrenched on many many more. I love these trucks. Things you should consider: these trucks are hard on front ends. Bushing and especially ball joints will need to be regularly serviced and replaced. Buy good quality like MOOG and get a lifetime warranty, its saves you so much in the long run. Automatic transmissions are soft in all the 2nd gen trucks. You can drive and enjoy it stock but if you adjust your pump or add other mods these engines put out torque that stock transmissions an T.C.s just can't handle in most cases. I have had several Cummins with over 100K and still had the original tranny. If the '96 you are looking at is a five speed all is good. They do loose the fifth gear nut so most simply get it welded on. '96 and '97s are good year trucks. You get the better (and some may say best) fuel pump. If you are looking to increase your performance, you can add close to 100 H.P. just by adjusting your pump. It is something you can do yourself if you are handy, or purchase a kit for a few bucks. To answer your question; 200K miles is nothing for the engine. But the rest of the truck will also have 200,000 on it also. A friend of mine got close to a million and a half on a 1997 3500, and ended up selling to upgrade as a very good running and driving truck. Good luck and enjoy that truck. After driving a taken care of Cummins you won't want to drive anything else.
  4. Just brought in this '51 Mercury Woody. This was sold new in Los Angeles and has spent most of its life in Tucson Arizona. It was Rodded in the late sixties with a 289 and a floor mounted 3 speed with Hurst shifter (and groovy 8 track in the glove box). Then was parked in '73 in Tucson. Amazing body, but no exterior wood left. I am stuck on what exactly to do with it. I don't have the money for a full restoration right now. Also, I'm not sure about going back to the original drivetrain or not. Personally I would rather have the updatted engine, and I don't think it hurts the value much. I know where to get the wood kits, but any thoughts and advice on this project is appreciated.
  5. Hello all. I just acquired a 1937 C-17. It is a very decent, completely original, Arizona car that has been sitting since 1965. It unfortunately is missing one headlight lens. This is the oval shaped lens. Can anyone tell me if it was used on any other models (royals, etc), or is it a one year, one model, item? Also, if you have one available, please contact me. The info from the other lens is: BI-RAY HEADLAMP C. M. Hall Co. Detroit, MI #16132 Thank you in advance. It is also missing the lower front seat cushion. Same question applies.
  6. Has anyone seen a 1962 Imperial Lebaron 2drht before? Can't find one in any book or in any online pictures. I can only find 4drs. It has slant roof line, small rear windshield, and stainless roof trim. "Lebaron coachwork" on beltline trim, and on glovebox. The original owner was an exec. at Chrysler that had this one made on a special order. I'm looking for some info on how many were made specifically. Thanks.