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  1. kaminski

    30's Tierods

    what could i do in order to used the new style tierod
  2. kaminski

    30's Tierods

    Can any one help me located a new tierod for my 32 chevy to connect to the ball stud on the steering arm
  3. kaminski


    thank you . Is it rare?
  4. Is this off of a model T?
  5. kaminski


    Any one recognize this bumper
  6. Anyone know what this is from I posted this question along time ago and lost the adress to the site. Thank god i found it.
  7. Can any one confirm this??Found a saginaw box that fits in my 32 chevy, all it needs is a steering wheel and a steering arm. all i know is that it say "saginaw" and " 30-260367 " on the box. and has 36 spene and 3/4 inch diameter at the output. any one recognize it
  8. kaminski


    Need some info on this brass carbureto. was told it was off of a dodge. For those whose picture downloading is slow. go to http://www.hotrodders.com/forum/journal....ction=view#oops small picture on page