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  1. Hello from another '39 Deluxe owner! I've been working on mine since 2008, we should compare notes! See my restoration blog here: http://home.earthlink.net/~dodgedeluxe/ I looked at some of your pics that have posted and noticed subtle differences in you pics, looks like you have a Carter carb, mine came factory with a Stromberg. I noticed too that your coil is different, mine is firewall mounted. Drop me a note sometime, maybe we can help each other out as I'm having my share of issues too! Take care. Dan
  2. Wow, 61 views and no one that knows about 1939 master cylinders?
  3. Does anyone have a good diagram for reassembling the master cylinder on a '39 Dodge D11? I'm having a hard time installing this rebuild kit, no instructions... :confused: I've got a rubber washer that I am not sure where goes? Not sure if I have the parts in the correct order? And it seems like the piston should move freely back and forth shouldn't it? This is awful tight, like the spring does not return it. Any help appreciated! Dan
  4. Wow that's not a bad price for the complete system. http://www.kepichexhaust.com/servlet/the-14/1927-dsh-74-CHRYSLER-4-%26/Detail Much appreciated. Dan
  5. Hello all, got a question. My 1939 Dodge Deluxe has a Stromberg carb, and from reading my factory service manual that is how it left the factory. I have noticed however that the '39 Plymouth's I have seen have Carter carbs. Is one better than the other or more dependable, and are they interchangeable on the intake manifolds of both? Dan
  6. Hello, does anyone know of a good source for a new correct stock muffler for my '39 Dodge Deluxe D11? I checked Berbaum and Roberts and they do not stock them. Dan
  7. Thank you for the replies and private messages folks, I have several leads to look into now thanks to you! Best Regards; Dan
  8. Hello, I'm trying to locate a reputable shop in the Cobleskill, NY area to rebuild the engine in my '39 Dodge over the winter. Any suggestions? Have not had much luck in finding one. Dan
  9. I picked up a set of 6 NOS ones, brand new still in the box that's why I'm asking. The box says 1939 Dodge D11, but my concern is that they are a much hotter plug than what the manuals suggest. How would this effect things? I have read that too hot of a plug can cause detonation. It be cool to use them, but not if it's going to have an ill effect.
  10. Does anyone know if a Prestolite 14R42 can be used in a '39 Dodge D11? Right now I'm running Autolite 295's. The Prestolite 14R42 is of the same thread and the same reach, but it has a longer ceramic insulator and is thus a hotter plug. Anyone familiar? Dan
  11. On my 1939 D11 sedan the serial number is stamped into a metal plate attached to the inside of the passenger side front door jam, between the hinges.
  12. Jayson, I haven't restored my heater. It works. As far as an explanation, do you mean how do they work? If so, they're pretty cut and dry and I can explain if that's what you're needing. My '39 Dodge restoration has really been more of a stabilization or slowing down from further deterioration. I have tried to keep mine as original as possible, I fixed what was broken or replaced what was worn out and made her drivable again, but I haven't did any re-chroming or repainting or the like. I like my car as she is, original paint, interior and bright work, and all the original scratches. She'
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