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  1. Many might have seen this before but it is pretty cool and very dated!1 Eric
  2. Steff, sorry to hear that you didn't get the car. Thanks for the question and thanks to those who answered. I learn a lot from here. Good Luck on your car search. Eric
  3. Ed, It will reach into the mid 30s this coming week, a regular heat wave. I figured out the tabs. NE Kansas can't be a whole lot warmer. I am just glad the last ice storm missed us. Thanks, Eric
  4. Bill, Jim, Thanks. I got it opened and the fuses apear good but there is some slight surface rust so I will clean that up. I did remember to disconnect the battery!! It is about 25 degrees in my gargae so I will wait for a warmer day to get to the radio. Again much thanks, Eric
  5. Jim, Thanks, especially for the tip about disconecting the battery!! Eric
  6. On my 64 Riviera, I can not find my fuse box.( I need a manual). There is one small panel to the left of the steering column but when I removed the two screws holding it in it did not come out easily so I decided to leave well enough alone. One more question. How does one remove the radio? Thanks, Eric
  7. Ed, Thanks. I ordered the gasket. I also own a 48 Plymouth and most of the local auto parts stores are not very helpful. Again, Thanks. Eric
  8. My car is leaking some transmission fluid. I checked with Rockauto and they don't have the pan gasket. Is this a hard to find item? Hey I joined the ROA! Great response time between signing up and getting my welcome packet. Thanks, Eric
  9. I picked up 1964 Riviera today after having an engine blow this summer. It now has a 1966 401 in it. The heater was plugged up but thank God he got that cleared. I have heat and it rolls. There is a little lifter noise that we will work on if it doesn't clear up and will redo the brake cylinders but it made it the last 45 miles home. It will never be perfect but I intend to use it as a daily driver. Some day I hope to get a great one. This forum has been very helpful. Thanks,Eric
  10. Ed, he is putting one in from the 66 that is supplying the engine. He has 15 or so Rivies sitting around. I am pretty excited about finally getting the car going. Eric
  11. My Riviera (64) is finally getting a working motor. I posted this Summer of the ordeal. The mechanic says the steering is really difficult and he will replace the box. It was fine before the engine blew. Could towing it cause it? I am not really too concerned atleast he has it in his shop and with the old engine out it is a good time to fix it. He is dropping in a 1966 401. The so-called rebuilt 425 had been bored 30 over. He doesn't think they fitted the pistons correctly and they seized. Three of them had holes in them. Anyways getting closer and being a little on the rough side I hope to drive it daily Eric
  12. Tim, I am one way or another going to get the car rolling. I think it will make a good driver. Not being show room has its plusses, you don't have to worry about every little rock chip etc. I sure liked the way it rode and handled the 8 hours I did drive it. I am going to try to get Terry to find me a 401. I know he has them. Some of his other work will slow down as will mine and I can get down to it. Thanks, Eric
  13. Some good suggestions here. I have heard the part about letting the machine shop get the parts. That sure makes sense to me. The mechanic who will rebuild the engine for me(if I go that route) is 72 and has specialized in Buicks for 40 years. I think his older sources have dried up. He has 30 or more Buicks in his salvage yard in fact that is about all he has there. He has loads of Rivieras. I think he is sort of hoarding the best engines , transmissions, etc. Not sure why but they are his to do as he wishes with. He has a great 56 2 door that only needs a little work but it has been waiting 30 years for him to get around to it. I couldn't wait that long!! He has suggested that I use a used engine. He has one in good shape. He doesn't think my car is worth the money that the engine rebuild would cost. He might be right. He would do the assembly not the machine shop work. I was in one shop a month back (not one he would use) and I was amazed at hoe sloppy it was. I know the work can be dirty but orderly is not impossible. I will have to have a sit down with him. Thanks for all of the input.